Tis the Season...for Babies

Is it me or is everyone around you having babies?! I know at least 15 people who have recently had a baby or are having one soon. Which means, baby gifts galore!

I'm usually a stickler for buying off the registry, but I've been straying lately and have made my 'First Few Weeks Survival Kit' for a few mom friends. So maybe you are sans kids but all your friends are having kiddos and you have no clue what to get them (me two years ago!). Or maybe you're having your first baby and are freaking out on what to register for. Put every.single.one of these items on your list. Twice.

These are all things that I (we) found to be absolute necessities those first few weeks (or months) of being a new parent. I recently made one of these 'kits' for my friend Holly and attached funny little explanations to each item, hehe. Funny now but when you're getting two hours of sleep in a 72 hour period, you will forget your name. An explanation is necessary. Your mom friends will understand and will thank you later.
1. swaddles Yes, all the parenting classes show you how to swaddle a baby doll. NOT a squirming, crying baby at 2am, with throw-up in your hair and an hour of sleep. Save the trouble and buy these. They're perfect.
2. soothies I've raved about these before because they are the best thing know to woman. Breastfeeding can be rough but these things will feel like heaven.
3. snacks Granola bars of all sorts, fruit, pretzels, anything you can open/eat with one hand. When you've remembered your name, you will also remember you are starving.
4. blankies We kept a blanket in every room. Somehow we'd always lose them so it's imperative to have 5 million around the house in order to keep the sanity.
5. burp cloths Ok, these are probably the most underrated gift of all time. Babies spit up, a lot. We'd leave at least 3 burp cloths in each room, the vehicles, taped to our bodies. You get the picture.
6. gift card We received a few gift cards to Chili's and a few other restaurants. Talk about a life saver! Just make sure the gift cards are to places with 'car side to go' or deliver. This is imperative.
7. water bottle Drinking your weight in water does not end when the baby comes. Mama needs to stay hydrated in order to feed that babe! It's much easier to drink lots of water with a cute bottle.
8. humor If you can't keep your sense of humor with a kid you are in trouble. This book is hilarious and you will understand it one day. So have a chuckle and don't take things too seriously!

You can't forget those mama's who just found out they're expecting either. A perfect congratulatory gift is a pregnancy pillow like one from Bump Nest. Game changer. I still sleep with mine a year later. They just cradle and snuggle you like no other (sorry Ernest!), but seriously. When you're nine months pregnant with a belly the size of a planet, the last thing you want to do is cuddle. #truth
AND...for the friend with a sense of humor...

I hope you love attention because you will be getting major kudos from all your mom friends for this gift! You can thank me later :)

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