Toddler Advent Calendar and Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I have always LOVED advent calenders! It's one of my fondest childhood memories. My mom would always buy me one and I would anxiously open each day. One year, my bestie Stacy and I split up the advent calender and left each other little gifts each day. This year, since Autumn is old enough, I cannot wait to share my love for advent calenders with her. I know she will love it just as much as I do. 

We have a big wooden advent calender with tiny doors for each day. I may need to get creative on how I place each gift (hello gingerbread house) haha. Some will be bigger gifts, some little, some sentimental and some just for fun. You can also bet I'll be hitting up the Target $1 section too! Here are some of the ideas I have for the 24 days.
And some of my favorite Advent Calenders out now:
I can't wait to see Autumn open up each day! Only a few more days...


  1. I love this post! I just put up our advent calendar and need to come up with some small toddler friendly item to put in the pockets (other than candy). Great ideas!

  2. I may have to add a few items from the stocking stuffer picture to my shopping list! Way too many cute things.