A Very Christmas Weekend

Happy Monday!

HA! Ya, right. Ain't nothing happy about a Monday! It's about minus a million degrees today, windy and my coffee cup is empty. Boo. Good thing I have this face to go home to!
To this last weekend...Ernest and I have been talking about new vehicles for a while. Mostly, I've been bitching about my two door car and how hard it is with Autumn (many cuss words were also used). First world problems, right?! Last Sunday Ernest was randomly checking Craigslist for cars. He found a perfect one, emailed the people, setup an appointment, a few days later and it's ours!! I was so beyond excited to get the car on Friday. It's red, has four doors and the license plate letters are 'SHT'! Seriously, we were meant to be! We did some shopping on Saturday and it was glorious, I had the stroller, Autumn and shopping bags with room to spare! Christmas came early this year!
Back to shopping, we hit up the mall early on Saturday and took Autumn to see Santa. It was a bit of a wait but luckily I anticipated the wait and took Autumn's brunch with us to feed her in line. 
Once we finally got up to Santa, I put her on his lap and she immediately started to freak as I stepped back. Santa was quick on his feet and pulled out a book for her to look at. I snapped THE cutest pic of them! 
Her final pic will be one for the memory book. She's on the verge of tears! Poor babe! It was a close call between this pic and one of her with the saddest face and her pouty lip! Hahaha.
The mall was ridic! There were way too many people and I was quickly reminded why online shopping is my favorite thing now. The mall gives me sweaty palms just thinking about it!

Saturday night we went to a family friends law firm for their annual party and Christmas parade. The office is off of the main street where the parade goes by. There was tons of good food, drinks and good people. It was a gazillion below zero (can you tell I'm over this cold weather?!) but we all bundled up and braved the cold. 
Autumn loved every second of the parade!! She was dancing, waving and gobbling up as much candy as we would allow. It was so cute watching how excited she was for the lights and music! I can't wait til we take her to the Parade of Lights this year! Last year she was teeny tiny and slept most of the time but this year I know she'll have a blast!
Yesterday we enjoyed a snowy morning from the comfort of our home, breakfast at the G-Grandparents, then a visit to the other G-Grandparents and ended it with a trip to my parents. My mom was baking up a batch of biscochitos (that my dad made) and OMG their house smelled heavenly and the cookies were delish! We did some decorating, cookie eating and Autumn did some drawing. After a short visit I had to get out of there before I ate all the cookies!
We have a big weekend coming up as we celebrate my Mom's 50th birthday with a HUGE shindig! I'm SOOOO excited for it. You know I have a million and one ideas I'm working on this week. And, as sad as I am to leave Autumn for the night, we're going to have a night of adult fun! Bring on the festive drinks!!


  1. Oh my goodness, that photo of her reading with Santa is the cutest thing I've ever seen. LOVE. What a wonderful moment.

  2. Love the pic you snapped of her with Santa! And her outfit...OMG precious!

  3. Juna has that same vest! The zipper is a bit tricky though. Merry Christmas!!