Autumn Jane:14 Months

I've become that mom who refers to her kids in months til they're 18! But so much happens and changes month to month that every month deserves a celebration. 
according to Grandma Barbara's measurements she's 29" but it seems like she's much taller! I swear she'll be passing me in no time! We heard if you double their height at 2 years that's how tall they'll be. According to that she'll already be 5'-6". Tall like Daddy! This little kid is always going a million miles a minute so she's a little skinny minny. Seriously, exactly like her Dad! 
still in mostly 12 month clothes but some are super short on her but then next size is too loose. Makes shopping a bit challenging. 
Size 3-4! Baby big foot! Threes fit good but she won't have those for long. She just got her first pair of Freshly Picked moccs (size 4) and they are so cute! A tad big but I'm sure she'll fit them in no time. Grandma K is always buying her the cutest shoes too! 
Still 3's and cloth diapers. Although, she's outgrown some of the smaller cloth ones and I've been too lazy to order more :/ 

when we moved there was a week that was awful where she was waking up a lot at night. Then she got back in a routine but this week she's been waking up. We're clueless as to why she's waking but it makes it hard on all of us. Hopefully next week we'll be back to our regularly scheduled sleep! 

 She really has become such a good eater!! It makes my little mommy heart warm. Autumn still refuses to eat any meat of any kind (occasionally she'll surprise us and will eat a few bites but it's rare). 
We've just accepted she's baby vegetarian and have adjusted accordingly. I give her Poly Vi Sol in her morning iron fortified oatmeal. The poly has some key vitamins she's missing from no meat eating and same for the iron fortified oatmeal. I also add nutritional yeast to her pasta dishes and it has a mild cheesy flavor. It provides some essential vitamins lacking from a vegetarian diet. 
Autumn is still super picky about what she eats but once she likes something, she'll go to town on it. Her favorites are toast (we went thru an entire loaf in a weekend!), marshmallows (also known as reindeer poop which have made an appearance in her advent calendar), green beans, pasta, fruit, pumpkin-cinnamon oatmeal and all bad stuff that I don't let her have (but Dad does!).
She still eats mostly organic foods and I'm really conscious about what I'm feeding her. Although, as she gets older, this has been more of a challenge. She also drinks organic soy milk and is entirely off formula. I just heard the American Pediatric Association is approving nuts before one year! I'm hoping we can add in some almond butter and switch to almond milk! 

 4 teeth (2 top and 2 bottom) with another 2 on the way up top. The amber beads have been a lifesaver and she's a totally different baby! We wouldn't have even known about the other two teeth if we didn't see them popping out! 

Autumn has proved she does what she wants, when she wants (hello breech baby who came two weeks early!) and walking is no exception to that. Everyday she gets a little braver but then realizes she's not holding on and says 'woah!' And plops down. Lol. She'll walk when she's good and ready and there is no need to rush her :)
Autumn is getting much better at communicating through her signs. It's the cutest thing and amazes me every time! 

wow, does this little 14 month old have a big personality! She LOVES to dance and sing! I can't decide which is cuter, her dancing or singing. Her dancing involves swinging her hips, snapping her fingers, clicking her tongue, twisting her wrists, clapping and moving about to...the Mexican music!! LOL! Yes, that's right, Autumn loves ranchero music! She even has 'her song' at Grandma Barbara's! We also jam Christmas songs nightly and she LOVES them! Her favorite is 'Jingle Bell Rock'. I seriously need to get her singing and dancing on camera! Her singing is so adorable too. Her raspy little voice and she hums along or baby babble sings. We were watching Wizard of Oz and started singing 'Over the Rainbow' with Dorthy. Both Ernest and I had tears in our eyes. It was the sweetest!
She is such a happy and lovable baby. She gives kisses liberally, hugs all the time and blows kisses like they're going out of style.

she is always talking up a storm about who knows what! She baby babbles constantly and also says dada or daddy, rarely mommy, yuck, jack, woah, hot, burr, gobble gobble, ouch and probably more I'm forgetting. She picks things up so quickly! 
Oh and she is always sainging the ABCs!! It's my favorite thing ever! She tries saying her numbers too but mostly just hums.

Doing everything we tell her not to, like climbing the two steps in the entire house. Scaring the living shit out of Jack, giving kisses and hugs, Clam Chowder soup (picky eater but high class taste!), opening and closing the doors to her Advent calendar non-stop, climbing on top of everything, splashing like a wild woman in the bathtub (and drinking the bathwater, gross), and a million things more.

 sharing (uh-oh!), when I walk out of her sight, meat, staying off the steps. Really though, she is pretty easy going...when she gets her way! ha!

Autumn is so much fun and we are just so in LOVE with this little girl!

Sorry for the quality of photos, it's really dark in our house and I usually just use my iPhone. Oops 


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  1. I'm a vegetarian and raising my daughter as one. I can give you hints until Autums starts eating meat. Does she like cheese? Buy quinoa. Cook it with some corn and peas and then melt cheddar cheese on top. Babies love this! All they taste is the cheese, but the cheese and quinoa are complete proteins. Easy meat substitute! Plus there are hidden veggies :) hope this helps!!