Christmas Cramming

The past few days have been jam packed with non-stop Christmas activities. I felt so ahead of the game and then out of nowhere Christmas just snuck up and as usual I'm doing everything last minute! 
Friday we started the festivities by going shopping with the mama to be, Stacy, and then grabbed dinner after. Saturday bright and early we went to my parents house to bake. Poor Ernest had to work at 7 so we just got up when he did. Autumn LOVED baking! And by baking I mean eating all the cookies, frosting and any decorations she could get her hands on. 
Girlfriend was on a serious sugar rush!!! We made biscochitos, raspberry ribbon cookies, sugar cookies and cranberry meltaways. I was over it by the time we were done! Autumn, however, could have 'baked' all day! 
High off her sugar rush she veto'd her afternoon nap and instead just gabbed away at all her crib friends. Naturally, she fell asleep on the way to her first birthday party and woke up cranky. Good thing there was more sugar there to keep her going! 

Autumns little cousin Peyton turns one (on Christmas Eve!) so they had a big bash to celebrate. Autumn got to decorate a gingerbread house. 
Her decorating was very similar to her baking and she just kept eating everything we were putting on her gingerbread house!!! It's really a miracle she slept at all this weekend. 
Autumn and Peyton got in a fight over a stuffed monkey! It was the highlight of the party, haha. My girl can throw down! Other than that Autumn had fun playing, climbing the stairs (and giving me a heart attack), and getting her sugar fix. 
The birthday girl, Peyton!
Sunday was all about visiting fam, last minute  shopping (we still have a few more, ugh!) and lots of gift wrapping!
Yes, my wrapping paper matches the Christmas tree! #judgeaway
and, I love to mix patterns!
 I also started putting together Autumns kitchen for Christmas morning. Pretty much, we just moved the box from our room to the playroom and pulled out the instructions. I'm going to regret not starting on it sooner. Shit. Where are the elves when you need them?! 

Only a few more days til the big day! I have one more day of work (then I'm off for nine GLORIOUS days!!), more Christmas activities like the Parade of Lights tonight, more baking then Christmas Eve fun begins. I cannot wait! 

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!! 

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