Christmas Wish List: Little Edition

This is called a 'wish list' because, truth be told, Autumn really does not need anything for Christmas. Since her birthday was just two months ago, we still have new toys and clothes she hasn't even used yet. To say this little girl is blessed would be a huge understatement!

But since we're wishing...I love the idea of something you want, need, wear and read. With that in mind, here is Autumn's Christmas Wish List.

{want} I know Autumn will LOVE this play kitchen! It'd go perfectly with some plush food to play with. To round out her playroom, this playroom table will be perfect for coloring and creating wonderful ideas. I may have to straight up copy what Jess at LBG did with their IKEA table, it's awesome!!

{need} Since it's been freezing balls cold here, Autumn could use this toddler bunting (or this one) to keep her warm as she plays in the snow. One thing we can never seem to get enough of is socks! Somehow they get lost (I'm convinced the dryer eats them!) and we end up with a bunch of mismatched socks. Another thing we just can't get enough of are pj's. Autumn would just look adorable in these jammies!

{wear} This plaid dress would make the perfect Christmas Day outfit! I'm not a huge fan of super frilly/uncomfortable baby clothes. I want baby to be comfy too and this dress totally feeds into my plaid obsession! With all this cold weather Autumn is obsessed with wearing hats now and would be the cutest in this hat. Has anyone tried putting gloves on a toddler?! Not fun! Mittens are totally the way to go! These ones go a step further and actually have a slit to put their hands in easier. Win! I saw this jacket at Target the other day and just fell in love with it!

{read} Here's a little secret, Autumn goes wild over animals! I know she would just adore some olivia books, and this animal book would be perfect to put a face with the crazy animal noises I'm always doing. And a classic, brown bear to round out her animal obsession. 

Santa bought Autumn her one big gift (hint, it's the kitchen!) and a few small things for her stocking. Other than that, we decided to 'adopt' some children from the need-tree at the mall and are buying them gifts instead. We're sure Autumn will still have plenty to open Christmas day and so will some other little children :) This is a tradition my parents have been doing for years and I am happy to keep the tradition going. I hope to show Autumn the gift of giving as she gets older.


  1. Carter is getting a kitchen from Santa too! And a little shopping cart to go with it. I think he's going to love it since he's obsessed with being in my kitchen cabinets and dishwasher. Wish we had an Ikea for those plush veggies.

  2. Love this little wish list. We have some of the items: IKEA table and food, trumpet socks (SO cute), and several of the books. That kitchen is adorable!