We survived the weekend!

But just barely! We had a full weekend of party celebrations for my Mama. She turned the big 5-0 on Friday.
Drunken blurry pictures at their best!
After my work Christmas party celebrations, I grabbed my best girl and we met my parents for dinner. It was a lovely affair full of lo mein being flung all over the floor (not entirely intentionally) and many screams being had. Autumn hasn't quite learned it's not ok to scream in public. She was just too excited to celebrate Grandma! I rounded out the night at midnight after doing a lot of baking and party decoration making. 
Saturday was started bright and early. All day was spent party prepping and somehow, we were running super behind in the end! Grrrr. Thank goodness my Aunt and Uncle and the fam came by early to help! Oh, and we surprised my mom by having my Grandma show up to the party. She was SO surprised to see her!! Her reaction was priceless! 
Who photobombs such a cute picture?! #me
Despite the mad dash at the end, everyone arrived and we had a great turnout! Many drinks were had, good food was eaten and laughter filled the house! We had such an awesome time celebrating my Mama. She deserves such a big celebration! 
Sunday I was eager to pickup Autumn from Grandma K's after all the cleaning was done. It was fun having an adult only night but I missed my babe way too much!!! We took my Grandma to meet my gramps, did some shopping, some knitting and more shopping. I am exhausted today! No rest for the wicked, right?! 
I'm hoping to have full party details and more pics up this week...maybe. 

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  1. Look at her! Such a cutie! Looks like such a fun celebration! Your mama is young!