Oh, hey Friday!

We are down to the wire on Christmas! Only 6 days left! My shopping is almost done (thank you Amazon everything), nothing is wrapped and I don't have a thing baked. You would think I'd have Christmas everything on the brain, right? Wrong! But I do have five other things on my mind, like...

I lied. I guess I have one thing on my mind that's Christmas related. Christmas drinks! I want to surprise Ernest Christmas Eve with some fun drinks. He will surely have a late/busy day and night at work so I want to kick back and relax with some late night drinks to enjoy by the Christmas tree.  I'd love to try this one. Although, I'll probably just get him beer ;)
We've been talking about building our forever home in a year or two. I'm loving the farmhouse modern look! Originally, I always wanted straight up modern but I love the mix of old and new.
Contouring! My BFF was telling me she's been playing with contouring makeup. So naturally I went to Pinterest and youtube and have been looking up tons of tutorials. I even went and picked up tons of new makeup to try this, lol. I'm writing this Thursday night, so today I'm going to try this makeup. If it looks anything less than a clown, I'll share. I've been pinning a bunch of tutorials here if you're interested.
This year I participated in a mug swap and Goody Goody Gift Swap. Both were so much fun! I made my mug swap mate a coffee mug (which was harder than I anticipated!) and some other goodies. For my other mate, I made her a craft box + coffee supplies. I had so much fun making both! And loved what they got me too! It's such a fun way to 'get to know' someone you wouldn't ordinarily get to meet.
This kid. She is at such a fun stage right now! She says the silliest things, has tons of funny quirks and makes us laugh so hard. How did we get so lucky!?

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We're Alive

...but just barely! Kidding! But seriously, I feel like I've been living in a cave (known as home) for the last two weeks. I have been as busy as one of Santa's elves making things and shipping them out. Except this elf cusses a lot, drinks way too much coffee and has Netflix marathons. Whatevs. 
Life lately...

We went to a friends party and then watched the Christmas parade. It was so much fun and Autumn had a blast! She danced the whole parade! Can't stop, won't stop! 
A couple weeks ago I had a holiday party for Sometimes Sweet Studio. It was a huge hit! It was so chill...just coffee with the girls, chatting and shopping. My mom is my life savor and helped me setup and run the party. We had appetizers, a mimosa bar and coffee bar. Remember how I had high hopes for these brie-raspberry bites? Well they were a huge Pinterest fail. I was running late by the time they needed to get in the oven so I just winged it. How hard can 3 ingredients be? Apparently really hard because they looked nothing like the pictures! But they still tasted awesome. Next time!

The party was such a success and as a result I have been non-stop working on orders from the party along with Etsy orders that keep coming in! I could pretty much sum up life lately in three words: yarn, wood, package. Boom!
My messy office area. #reallife
In other news, we celebrated my Mom's birthday this weekend with brunch and family time. We had cinnamon rolls, quiche, bacon, hashbrowns, pineapple and mimosas. She is seriously the most amazing woman ever! Happy Birthday Mom!
We've tried to have some festiveness in our lives between our busy work schedules and Etsy stuff. I bought some Christmas sheets that are the softest sheets I've ever slept on! We also took Autumn to see Christmas lights and within 10 minutes she was passed out cold! We drove around anyways and saw this awesome house that had music synced to the lights. Amazing! Autumn finally woke up and I said 'You missed all the lights baby!' Her: meh. LOL! Little stinker! We're going to have to have round 2 sometime this week.
Dweezle has been making an appearance here and there. She's really not interested unless he brings gifts
I'm nearly done with all orders then it's Christmas celebrations from there on out. We have a gingerbread house to decorate (which btw, Target has the house already made so you can just decorate. Brilliant!), Christmas cookies to bake, wrapping to do, shopping (OMG, still! eek!) some holiday parties and so much more!

Last, but certainly not least...THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of the Etsy support!! Every order makes my little heart jump with joy! I get to do something I love and (hopefully) make someone else happy in the process and that's just the best thing ever! Muah!



Not gonna lie, I thought today was Thursday. Somehow Tuesday or Wednesday dropped off my week. No complaints here :)

I am in full party planning mode right now. Sunday I'm having a little shop and mingle party at our house. It's mimosas, brunch appetizers and some shopping of items from my shop, Sometimes Sweet Studio. I don't know what I'm more excited about, mingling with the girls or these brie and raspberry cups. Kidding. But seriously, don't these look amazing?!

I have a new addiction: Serial Podcast. In case you've been living under a rock, it's a radio series that re-hashes a 15 year old case of a kid who was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend. It's well written and executed and completely consuming. Which has also led me to Audible. I finished Gone Girl last week (and now must see the movie!) and am 'reading' another mystery. So you do you think did it, Adnan? Jay? The streaker? 

Autumn's Grandma K. took her to see Santa on Tuesday. I cannot get over how big she looks! I pulled up last years picture with Santa and did a little comparison. OHemmmgeeee! How is that the same little girl?! This may have sent me into tears sobs :( I was showing Ernest the comparison and just kept saying 'so big, so big' under all my tears. LOL! Ya, her growing up gets me emotional. Understatement of the year. 
Have you heard of The Tile App? It has a little tile you put to things you commonly loose...keys, wallet, mind, etc. Then your phone app (considering you haven't lost that too) will tell you where your lost item is. I'm buying ten of these for Ernest! He loses everything, a million times a day. Every time we go to leave somewhere it's always the same 'where's my wallet? where's my phone? where are the keys?' It drives me insane. Money well spent.
 I'm already wishing for two extra days this weekend. I need more sleep. And more coffee. This shirt cracks me up. That is all. 
Get it?

Happy Friday! 

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A Very Merry Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy December 1st! It's always so hard getting back to work after a long weekend but coming back in the full swing of the Christmas spirit makes Monday a lot better! Not to mention it's Cyber Monday also known as National Don't Get Anything Done at Work Day. Except for me, I worked all day long, wink wink :)
Our Thanksgiving was bursting at the seems with lots of food and family. We played our usual family hop (which I vow every year will be the last) and started at my parents house with half of my Aunt's and Uncles and my grandparents. There's nothing like Mom and Dad's home cooking. It was delish! We rolled ourselves out and to Ernest's family's. I don't know if it was a combo of too much food, not being used to eating that type of food much anymore or just the general gluttony of Thanksgiving that did it but I was feeling no bueno by Thursday evening. It kind of put a damper on my high hopes for a second plate of food and some early Black Friday shopping. Instead we were in bed by 9pm. Womp, womp. But all in all, we had a great day spent with the people we love most (and a few in spirit who live out of town)!!

Also, the only two pictures I took on Thanksgiving! boo!
She insisted on wearing her snowboots the entire day!
Friday my Dad, Autumn and myself headed to the mountains in search of a Christmas tree. It was one of those perfect days I wish we could repeat a million times. The weather was beautiful, there was some snow and the mountains were just the recharge I needed. Autumn had an absolute blast! She kept saying 'that' and would head to the snow. She was eating it, playing in it, throwing it, you name it. If there was snow she didn't want to move! 
I wore nothing but yoga pants and zero makeup for three whole days. Best. Ever. Said no man ever!
She found the lone patch of snow! lol
  We found her the cutest little tree for her room. Which turned out to not be so little :) Our main tree was so beautiful in the mountains. It was full, tall and glorious. When we got home and trimmed it down to size, well it was a little Charlie Brownish. LOL! My dad and I both swear it was fuller in the mountains! We stopped and had lunch and the best hot cocoa then it was time to head home.
This was mid decorating and scattering about of everything. #reallife

We decorated our tree that night and waited to do Autumn's in the morning. Ernest was putting Autumn to sleep, I was in the office and I hear this huge crash. Guesses?? My beloved tree toppled over!!! I told Ernest it was karmic retribution for cutting down Mother Natures tree! lol. Poor tree. It lost a few limbs and is even more bare. But, I still love it!
I told her to smile and this is what I got, haha
The rest of the weekend was spent trimming the trees and decking the halls! We even managed to decorate exactly one tree in our front yard, I made some wreaths with all the trimmings and even sent out our Christmas cards. It was full on Santa's workshop up in our house! I'll share more pics once I get some good ones, in good light, with my good camera. I was mostly working on a little holiday party I'm having this coming weekend for Sometimes Sweet Studio. It's brunch appetizers, mimosas, girl time and some shopping. I'm super excited for it!

And since it's Cyber Monday, I'm offering 25% off today in my shop. Use code: SHOP25

Oh, and today our Elf on the Shelf made his first appearance! Dweezle (more on his name in a sec) brought Autumn a book on the story of Christmas, another advent calendar and tonight we'll start the first day of our readings on Christmas. Ok, so the name. Ernest has a helper at work who is a paparazzi in LA, why he's here is beyond me, but he kept calling him by his last name: Dweezle. Well turns out his last name is NOT Dweezle or anything remotely close to that except for starting with a D. After we had a good laugh about this, our elf took that name and there you have it, Dweezle came to live with us. lol.

Happy Merriest Season of the Year!