15 Months

Is it me or do the month just fly by now?!
Autumn's 15 Month Stats

Weight: 21lbs. I had to take her to the doctor yesterday because she's had a bad diaper rash on and off for a month! Height: 30-1/4" Holy cow, she's grown a ton!
I haven't found the right spot for her growth chart (or the right growth chart) so instead I'm going to do it the old fashioned way, in her closet doorway. It seems appropriate for our old house. And I like that a part of us will forever be here when we leave. Her hair is also growing like a weed! I've been trying new stuff with it like Pocahontas braids.
12 month still fits best but also venturing into some 12-18 month territory even tho they end up being super baggy on her. Diapers, still size 3. Cloth diapers have been put on hold because of a bad diaper rash incident and because I just haven't had time to strip them yet. Oops. Size 4 shoe. 
Great! She is super crabby at 7 on the dot when she's ready for bed. Then usually wakes up between 6:30-7:30. She takes her morning nap around 10 and another around 2-3. She really needs her naps or she is not a happy camper! When we put her down for a nap, she grabs her big blanket and rolls it over her so she looks like a burrito. That is the exact same way Ernest sleeps! I still read to her and rock her to sleep. Which sadly is turning into her just wanting to be put into her crib. Booo!!! It makes me so sad that she's growing up, but I'm also proud she's finding her independence. Tear.
She's been doing great lately! I decided to go back to being a vegetarian (actually pescitarian) so that I would be making a wider variety of vegetarian dishes with the hope that she'd start eating more. And it's worked like a charm! This was the first week but she's already eaten tuna salad with me (which totally surprised me!), roasted green beans, risotto and our daily smoothies. I'm writing up a post all about going (mostly) vegetarian/pescitarian soon! Autumns favorite foods are: bananas, pasta, her power oatmeal, fruit and...anything sweet or fries! Which we try to limit to a bite or two! Yikes! 
6 total. 4 on top, 2 on bottom. We're pretty sure she's popping more but I'm too scared to check with my finger. She has a strong bite!! I know this because she's grabbed my finger to bite it! Oh no, I hope she's not a biter! 

The biggest by far was walking last Monday. Now she's an ole pro cruising along and dancing while she does. She still power crawls too but is definitely gaining her confidence with each step. Here's the video of her first full on walk.
(I can't figure out how to get the videos to imbed and I'm too tired to deal with it, so just click on the link. Sorry)
She can point to different body parts. For nose she sniffs and scrunches it up, for eyes she blinks a lot, tongue she sticks out and belly button she lifts up her shirt...or skirt. We're working on that one.
We love the selfie. This is her Zoolander look
Oh boy, does she have a big personality! And a little diva in her too sometimes. She's like those Sour Patch Kid commercials...sweet and sour! Lol. She'll swat her hand at you and give major tude, then a second later will be leaning in for a kiss.

She's very generous with her kisses and will grab your face to kiss you. She blows kisses a lot too. Especially to strangers at the store. I may be worried if it weren't so damn cute.
She knows the difference between yes, no and I don't know via head shakes or shoulder shrugging. Her signs are hugely helpful!! I would like to teach her some more. It's amazing to communicate with her in this way! She is just so smart!! 
Autumn loves to throw things out of the tub, onto the floor, off the table. She got into a bag of cotton balls I have and threw them ALL over the floor. This kid! She is also obsessed with the refrigerator. Sometimes I open it while I'm making dinner just to keep her entertained! Autumn loves to help me cook dinner, make lunches, etc. She sits like a very good girl on the countertop and watches me. She loves watching Super Why, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Paw Patrol (she barks the entire show!). We don't keep cartoon stuff on all the time, so it's sort of special when she gets to watch cartoons.
Same as before. Everything is getting more pronounced, like hiiiii (accompanied with a straight arm wave). And she gabs and gabs by herself forever!!! Some morning or after naps, she'll just stay in her crib talking up a storm. It's my favorite! She's says mmmm a lot. Or uhuh. She knows a dog goes 'rawrrawrrawr' and the 'kit-hi' goes meow. lol. I was lucky enough to capture her gabbing one afternoon for a good half hour!
(Click on the link)
//Signature moves//
Dancing is still her favorite! And ours too!! It seriously never gets old. She will hear the dishwasher and will start dancing! The funniest is when she's in her car seat and I hear her clicking her tongue and sure enough she's dancing. Not even the worst of moods can keep her from busting a move! She still loves to 'sing' too. Her favorites are itsy bitsy spider, old McDonald, ABCs, patty cakes, ring around the rosey. Ok, pretty much any song! 
Brushing her teeth! She's obsessed with it! We have to keep our toothbrushes out of her sight or she'll want them. She likes the mintiness. Music, bath time (splashing until I'm soaked), being tickled,
playing in the dirt (seriously), being outside, the cows, any animal, the moon. She loves anything I'm doing or holding. Her fav being my makeup.

She pulls everything out and throws it on the floor. She's obsessed with chapstick and mascara!

Being told no, taking toothbrushes away, meat, getting out of the bath, diaper changes, getting dressed sometimes. When I put her down. Girlfriend is seriously attached to me. I'm not complaining, really, but sometimes it makes it a little difficult. I would love constant snuggles but sometimes I have to get stuff done, like use the bathroom without the water works. I'm hoping this is just a phase.
This is her when I'm not holding her :(

She also hates her highchair, still. I was hoping she'd grow out of that but doesn't look like it.

//Favorite Moment//
Definitely spending 9 straight days with her while I was home! I could really get used to that...
Autumn is just the most fun, loving and adorable little girl! I don't want to forget any of her silly, crazy, sweet little moments. I just want to gobble her up, I love her so much!!!


  1. I swear this is the most fun stage yet! I'm loving it! I was off for a long time over Christmas and New Years and realized how much I loved being home with my little man...so much unlike those early days when I was running back to work after weekends of round-the-clock feedings/diaper changes/being spit up all over/etc! I love Autumn's hair!! I think that would be the most fun (but probably most time consuming) part of having a girl! :) And Carter is suddenly really clingy with me too...I'm crossing my fingers this is a stage. Love all the pictures!

  2. Such a fun age! She is a cutie!

    1. Thank you! :) I say this about every age, but this is my favorite! We are just having so much fun with her!

  3. Hi! New follower. Found you on Pinterest while searching for first birthday gift ideas for my little one next month and I love your blog. Your little lady is gorgeous! Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Glad you found my blog! And thank you very much, you are too sweet! Happy early birthday to your little one!!

  4. She is just the cutest little peanut! Love her boots! She's getting so big these days! This is such a fun age! I can't wait to read your posts on going veggie. I'm always looking for more ways to incorporate veggies (and fish) into Mac's diet. Our kid is a pretty good eater, but could live on pasta and sugar. :)