Back to Reality

Well, well...I have taken quite the break and have been enjoying my last 9 days off but I'm back just in time to ring in the new year! 

The past few days have been so wonderful. Mainly, because every second was spent with my little lady. Tomorrow it's back to reality and I couldn't be any sadder. I'm going to miss my baby like crazy! It feels like going back from maternity leave all over again. :( 
Ok, enough with the tears. I have been one busy bee lately! Rather than recap with a play by play (which would take an eternity) here's a picture recap...
I Put together Autumns play kitchen from Santa. I was up til 2am and it took 5 hours to assemble!! Next time, Santa better send elves! 
Autumn better use this til she's 30! 
We celebrated Christmas Eve with my fam while Ernest played real live Santa at work. Not pictured, Autumn dancing to every single song at church. And biting my chin! Who does that?! Ouch! 
Christmas morning. She was less than impressed with her kitchen but LOVED feeding her Puffs to Jack. Go figure. 
She (I) opened her million and one presents. Seriously, kid could have done without Christmas and wouldn't have missed it. Maybe this year when she's older???     
We did our usual circus of driving all over to see family. Tis the season! 
We were all happy to be in our own home Christmas night. Autumn was happy to play with all her loot! 

I had a major Christmas hangover Thursday morning. It was made better by playing, having a clean house and friends and family visit. And opening more presents. 
The playroom and garage got a major overhaul. Had to make room for that new kitchen and...
my new elliptical! Seriously, so excited! No.more.excuses.   

Our bathroom got a facelift. This is phase one of two. Two being the major overhaul of getting new fixtures, tile, etc. I just couldn't look at those boring white walls any longer. There is a cabinet over the toilet still waiting to be installed...
The before:
The after: 
I'm hoping to have it done this weekend and with better pictures of everything. 

Also, Someone learned how to walk!!! I was SO SO happy to be home while she took her first major stroll!! She's been taking steps here and there but this was full on walking and she's been cruising since. (The video wouldn't upload. I'll have to try again on a real computer). 
This Monday couldn't have been any better! Autumn learned to walk AND my bestie, Stacy, and her hubs Brad welcomed their baby boy into the world (all natural too! She's a champ!!). I woke up to a text that she was at the hospital and two hours later he was here! I got to hold my sweet little 'nephew' yesterday and he is just every ounce of precious! I just love that little guy! And hello, baby fever!! 

We rang in the New Year with frozen pizza and a 10pm bedtime. Living large, I know. It was a dance with your pants open kinda night! Ha! 
Autumn and I were both a bit under the weather today so we just hung out with messy hair (don't care) :( 

here's hoping tomorrow and the rest of 2014 are just fabulous! 
I can't wait to see what fun the year has to bring us! Happy New Year everybody! 


  1. We got our daughter a Kidcraft kitchen too and my husband put it together. It took him several hours. But it is a quality kitchen compared to some of those others. And how great you got to be home to see your daughter walk!

    1. It is a very good quality! I was surprised how sturdy it is! Did your daughter like it? Autumn is starting to like it more and more each day. Yes, it was a blessing being home to see her walk! It was a great New Years present!! Thanks for stopping by :)