DO 2014

I have never been one to write, and more importantly stick, to New Years resolutions. I've always thought they were cheesy and most people (me!) never stick to them, so why bother?! Well this year, I'm resolving to resolve my hatred for resolutions. Instead, I made a 'To Do' list for myself. It's all semantics, right?! 

When writing out my list, there was a common theme of action items...do this, do that, don't so this, etc. Really, this year is all about DOing. All too often I fall prey to my own procrastination and over analyzing everything, leaving me stuck and none the wiser. I don't like where I've been stuck...health wise, career wise, spiritual wise...you get the picture. 
My word for 2014 is DO. Doing things with intention and purpose. I have my mental goals written out in my head but I often get stuck with how daunting those goals can be. So rather than writing out my goals, I've written out a list of the things I can do that will hopefully get me to those goals. If I just do one small task, one tiny step, check one thing off my list, then eventually that proverbial ball will start rolling. It has to. 

Even if these small steps of doing take me in another direction, at least I know I tried and I took action. That's half the battle. The rest is up to Him.

Today I am joining in on the #Making2014Count posts hosted by Jessica at Little Baby Garvin, among some other great bloggers. Check them out for some inspiration for the new year!