Exciting News!!

Remember my whole New Years resolution of just 'do'? Well I did! I finally decided to bite the bullet and open up an Etsy shop! My shop is Bunny Autumn where I am selling knit and crochet goods. I'm constantly working on new stuff and hope to add more than just knits very soon!

So why 'Bunny Autumn'? I'm always calling Autumn my little bunny and well, love bunny was taken so Bunny Autumn it is! Hahaha.
In the spirit of love, the shop is filled right now with everything heart and love related. With Valentines quickly approaching, there is something for everyone on your list!
I put together a fun little heart filled photoshoot as part of opening the shop.
I wanted to highlight the many ways you could use my mug cozies.They're perfect on mason jars to dress them up, there's several different sizes and tons of color combinations! The shop has tons more stuff to see so head on over!
To celebrate the opening of my shop, I'm offering a 15% discount on any purchase now through Valentines Day! Use code: LOVE14 at checkout.
And if this wasn't the cutest little model there ever was!
She was not having anything to do with posing, so as any good mother does, I bribed her with a cookie! She gobbled that thing up like it was her job! Good model, good.
I'm so very excited about this little journey I'm taking! I hope you will take a look at my shop, explore and well...shop!


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  1. Congratulations on opening your shop! I love all of the heart goodies! :)