Oh, Friday

I need some cheer, bright colors and happy things this week since we're still plagued with the sickness at our house :( Autumn is putting up the good fight to get rid of it, Ernest has had it the past few days and somehow (by the grace of God) I have managed to stay mostly exhausted healthy. I'm over the cold, sickness and being locked up inside! So what makes me happy? Browsing the internet for stuff that makes me laugh, shopping for stuff I don't need and reading books that make me feel like a tween.
Have you seen this Taylor Swift spoof video of her Grammy performance? I just about died laughing!

I'm sooo ready for spring. Bright colors, warmth and lots of sunglasses. I need some new shades since I've been rocking the same Chanel sunglasses since the beginning of time. Or 8 years which is pretty much a lifetime in sunglasses. I'm loving these! Perfect Valentines Day gift? Hint, hint.

My sunglasss motto always is: the bigger, the better. That's what she said.

I've been reading the Divergent series. It's Hunger Games meets Twilight and is oh so good. I've made this deal with myself that I can read it on the iPad when I'm working out on the elliptical. Otherwise I'd spend all my free time finishing the series and not working out!

 How cute is this little hat?! I found the pattern on Etsy and plan on trying my hand at it. This will be my first time following an actual pattern. Eeek! If it turns out still looking like a bunny when I'm done, I'll be posting it to my Etsy shop Bunny Autumn.

I like to do some easy blog reading when I have a moment. One of my favs is Farmer and the Bell.  Karli's little gal is the cutest (I'm pretty sure her and Autumn would get along fabulously!) and she just did some sweet little Valentines art. Once Autumn is feeling better, I hope to try this out too! Word on the street is Karli is hosting a giveaway on Monday for Bunny Autumn. Be sure to check it out because it is good, Valentines themed and free!!
Have a happy, HEALTHY Friday and weekend everyone!


  1. girlfriend! you're too sweet. i'm going to do a reminder post to everyone on saturday or sunday to get signed up for the giveaway!!! yay! and autumn and kaye would totally be buds. plus they are both sick so we wouldn't have to worry about them infecting each other! i'll be ordering those books on amazon this weekend…this gal loves her some twilight and hunger games. LOVE LOVE!