Our Weekend

We had a lazy Saturday morning of (me) sleeping in, cinnamon raisin french toast and coffee, lots of cleaning (I know, super relaxing right?). 

Her constant 'mmmmm's' and head nods are my absolute favorite. 

We met up with my friend for lunch. She just had an adorable baby boy three weeks ago! She is much braver than I was, venturing out so soon after having him! Autumn could not keep her eyes off of him and kept saying 'behbee?' Haha.

After that, Autumn and I went to the fabric store to feed my incessant need for all things yarn, fabric and crafts. I seriously have a major yarn addiction! The fabrics were all so fun. Especially this one.
I'm trying to figure out what could be made with it other than a blanket. Maybe pillows for her teepee?? Ideas??? I also got some supplies for a little project I'm working on. Stay tuned, I'll be sharing deets soon...
Sunday: The day I wanted to just crawl back in bed. Autumn and I woke up early and hit up Target before the rush. Mind you, I'm in sweats and a very messy not-cute bun, Autumns in her jams and rocking some major bed head. We looked a hot mess. At the checkout I'm frantically rumagging through my purse like that crazy lady looking for my wallet as crackers, toys and crumpled receipts spill out. Autumns losing her interest and is trying to stand up in the cart. I'm holding her down with one hand and still rumagging with the other. My wallet is nowhere to be found but I spot my checkbook. Relief. Since it's so damn early I'm at the one and only checkout lane open with a long line forming. I barely remember how to write out a check, hand it over and she asks for me ID. Effffff. I explain it must have fell out of my purse in the car. They say they really need it. Since I closely resemble something that just stepped off the street, I'm a little more than embarrassed. Cheeks on fire I swiftly grab Autumn and we leave our cart of goods and go search the car. By now panic has overtaken embarrassment at the thought of me losing my wallet. Finally. I found it. We run back in and finish checking out. It's only 9am and I need a drink. 

It gets better. 

I draw the short straw to go grab lunch. I realize on my way home that I'm running on fumes. I stop at Costco trying to save a buck. Well if you've ever been to Costco on a Sunday you know what a shit storm that is. I wait in line praying my car makes it to the pump. Get out and do all that business. Then, 'Enter PIN'. Mother efffff! You know that whole Target debacle of 'all your shit got stolen!'?! Well I had to get a new card that I just activated the day before. And guess where the PIN was? At home. On my desk. It's about ten below zero and the winds are howling. I'm freezing and I frantically call Ernest. No answer. I call again and he finally picks up. Mind you, the line is a mile long behind me and I'm getting dirty looks. I explain where to look for my PIN that I've yet to memorize. Can't find it. I'm fuming by now. Costco doesn't take credit cards so I'm SOL. With my tail between my legs, for the second time in a day, I get in my car and pray I make it to a gas station that takes credit cards. By some miracle I make it. I get home after what feels like an eternity and lunch is cold. It's only 2pm  and I do as any sensible person does and pour myself a drink. 

To say I was over Sunday would be an understatement! The lesson here, shop at Target less. Haha. Ya right! 

The rest of the day was spent doing boring house chores, dressing Autumn up like a cheerleader to watch the game, playing with Autumn, fighting with her to take a nap and putting my yarn to good use. 
Where's my weekend from this weekend?! Good thing I have this cutie to make it all better! 
She looks so big and yet so small. We are her own personal paparazzi!!

Happy Week Everyone!

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