Weekend Recap

This weekend was so fun! I was mostly working like a mad woman trying to get everything for my Etsy shop open and fighting off a would-be cold, but I did have some time for some other good stuff. 

Friday night I hung out with this gal. 
For dinner, I made this Greek dip. It has Greek yogurt, hummus then layered with cucumber, onion, olives, balsamic and feta. I made it extra healthy with cucumbers and bell pepper in lieu of pita. I found the recipe from Iowa Girl Eats. It's like heaven!
You saw that cute face above? Don't let that innocent face fool ya! This is the face of a little girl who found my chapstick, took off the lid and kept reapplying it until her entire face was covered in shiny chapstick. When I tried taking it away, she threw the fit of the century. I would have been annoyed except she looked so damn cute!

Friday night I was knitting away but took a break once Ernest got home. We talked and laughed for hours on the floor until we realized how late it was! I sure do love that man of mine!

Saturday I had a much needed hair appointment where I got rid of my Elvira haircolor and fringe bangs. I'm a bit sad to see the bangs go but with summer coming, it was necessary. Thick bangs+ sweaty weather= hot mess. Not good. I'm loving my new highlights and fresh cut. I'm also loving my new stylist...finally I found someone I can trust with this crazy mane of mine!
Cue, awkward selfie and a half duck face
I still had some solo time while Ernest and Autumn were running errands so I got busy on taking pictures of my knits. Once they got back, I had my little model help me. She was more interested in running away and getting into stuff. But somehow (and with the help of a cookie) she cooperated.
Also, she has been veto'ing one of her naps. Nooooo!!!! I'm not ready for this! She'll either take a good morning nap or a good afternoon nape but the last week it's one or the other. She'll still get crabby like she needs a nap but to no avail. We've still been putting her in her crib to nap, she'll cry, then play and gab, then scream to get out. Sigh.
This is the face of a babe who refuses to nap.
We resorted to letting her watch Tinkerbell on the couch after much screaming

Saturday night, Ernest parents came over so we could go out to eat. We stuffed our face at our favorite steak house (with a salad bar for me). Mmmmm. Then it was more Etsy cramming.

We got up early and Autumn watched Doc McStuffins while I worked out. She's such a good girl!

Sunday, we had some friends over to watch the games. Ernest made a special request to have jalapeno poppers (jalapenos, cream cheese, shrimp then wrapped in bacon) and dips. I hadn't made poppers in a while and now I remember why. They are a bitch! I read some great tip to boil the jalapenos first to take out the heat (we're both chili wimps). Great idea right?! NO! As they boiled, the house filled with hot jalapeno smell. Luckily Autumn was taking a nap but my eyes starting watering, I was coughing like crazy and sneezing up a storm!!! I opened every door and window possible and turned on all the fans. I finally had to take the pot outside. It was bad! The good news is, the jalapenos were no longer hot. But really,it was awful. OH, and as I was cooking them, the bacon grease dripped off the pan and into the oven filling the house with smoke!! Jalapeno popper FAIL!! Never.ever.again.

After I recovered from being poisoned from jalapeno fumes, our guests showed up. It was all 'the boys' for the first game so Autumn, Jack and I went outside to get some fresh air. I decided to take them for a walk. Holy hell, slowest walk of my life. And the most frustrating. Jack kept running around us and getting tangled, Autumn wanted to stop and pickup every rock and sit down to play with it. LOL. We only walked down 4 houses then turned around. It took us an hour. haha. We also played peek a boo. Her favorite activity!

Once the 49er vs. Seahawk game started, we ordered some pizza's (thank goodness!) and got our beer and cheer on. Autumn started off in her 49er cheerleader outfit and then needed an outfit change. Her Aunt Allison bought her this jersey when we were still in the hospital after she was born. It was huge then and barely fits now.
 Her and her daddy were just too damn cute sporting their matching jersey's! Autumn was the life of the party being the little ham that she is! 
Unfortunately, the 49ers lost :( Womp womp. Good thing we had a pre-Super Bowl party! It was great hanging out with friends and having a good time!

Such a great weekend...if only it was longer!! Have a great week everyone!
Autumn singing up a storm! She's so sweet!

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