16 Months

//16 Month Stats//
Autumn is slowely but surely getting back to her healthy-normal-silly self!
I haven't measured her yet :/ She lost a little weight being sick and is down to 20.75lbs. last week at the doctors.
Same, same, same. 12 month and 12-18 month clothes fit best, still size 3 diapers and size 4 shoe.
She is finally getting back to her regular routine of 7pm-7am. Although, she's been wanting to go to bed earlier, like 6pm a few nights. I'm guessing she's still recovering. I'm not even going to comment on sleep while she was sick, it was more like 'what sleep?'.
To go to sleep, Autumn LOVES a giant-adult sized blanket. She wraps herself in it to fall asleep.
She usually takes a good morning nap of 1-2 hours but has been veto'ing her afternoon naps. OR she'll take one and Jack wakes her up. That dog seriously drives me crazy because he barks at every little leaf passing by our house. #annoying
Wow, everything has been so much different than previous months. She hasn't had much of an appetite except for breakfast. Lunch and especially dinner have been hit or miss. I'm still giving her smoothies because she'll at least drink those and get some much needed nutrients. Autumn was getting really bad diaper rash so we had to take her to the doctor. They told us to cut out acidic foods...tomatoes, citrus fruits, etc. and cheese. Noooo! Poor babe loves her cheese but can only have it in very small servings and very far between. They didn't say she has an allergy but definitely a sensitivity to these foods. Fortunately, that cleared up her diaper rash. Hopefully she'll be feeling back to 100% soon and her appetite will follow.
Still at 6. We thought maybe she was getting a back tooth because she kept knawing on stuff but no more teeth have popped up.
Does being sick count? She is much more confident in her walking and almost runs now too. She's a great multi-tasker and is usually wearing her sunglasses, around her neck, chasing Jack and holding her cup. Talent.
This is the day I took her to the doctor. Poor babe, you can see it in her eyes :(
She's also getting good at pointing out the correct animal. Like, I'll say 'where's the duck' and she'll find the duck. Same with kitty, pig and dog. Our annoying neighbors dog is constantly barking and now so is Autumn. Ruff-ruff!
She is so hilarious! Autumn has this cheesy little smile where she shows you all her teeth. She loves to put her foot up to smell then loves when you say 'pew!'. Peek-a-boo is still a fav, especially at bed time. 

Autumn smells everything and then gives an approving nod and mmmhmmm. Where does she get this stuff?! 

Still all the previous words and now kit-tee (followed by a meow), uh-oh-baby, happy which sounds more like hopppy, hopppy, hopppy. She repeats a lot of what we say too but nothing consistent. Hot has to be her favorite word accompanied by hand motions. 'Stay ah-ah' with her hand out.
//Signature Moves//
Dancing is still numero uno. Girlfriend loves music! Her Grandma K even got her a flute that she can actually blow and have a sound come out (rather than just blowing/spitting). We taught her to blow her nose and cover her mouth when she coughs, which really came in handy.
She is still obsessed with my makeup, which I now have to hide! And she LOVES throwing everything on the floor. I mean everything! It drives me absolutely insane. Please tell me this is a phase!!!
I think it's safe to say we have entered terrible-two status. Terrible is probably too harsh a word, but girlfriend has had her fair share of tantrums lately. Case in point, the other night we were eating dinner. She decided she was done sitting in her high chair, pulled her out, then she decided she wanted her food. But not to eat her food, she wanted to hold her plate and toss is sideways. We obviously didn't let her have it and a tantrum ensued. She threw herself on the floor, started fake crying (no tears) and did this until it was bedtime. Funny how the clock magically turned to 7pm like that. Hmmm...
//Autumn's Proudest Moment//
Pooping in the bathtub. Enough said.
//Mom's Proudest Moment//
I was running late for an appointment, threw on the first black sweater I saw in my closet only to realize, when I was at my appointment, that this was the same sweater Autumn smeared gooey, booger looking banana all over. The sleeve and shoulder were completely crusted over in dried banana that looked beyond nasty. Mom problems!
//Dad's Proudest Moment//
Ernest left a Dr Pepper can on the table and someone found their way to it and got soda all over the place. Ya. Oh and waking Autumn up with his cough. Grrrrr
I really need to start writing all of Autumn's little stuff down. She does so much more than I can ever remember!
Honestly, this month was really hard for all of us with all the sickness that went between Autumn and Ernest. Literally almost two weeks were just spent on the couch snuggling. Here's hoping for a better-healthier February!!

Also, today is the last day to enter to win the heart garland! Once the winner is announced, I'm shipping that bad boy out so you can enjoy it thru Valentines (and beyond!). Good luck friends!


  1. i know you're not supposed to compare kids…but…bah! when is kaye going to talk?? :) yay for the giveaway! few more hours!!

  2. She is adorable!! Glad everyone is feeling better.