Give me all the MINT!

I have been on this 'all things mint' kick since I re-painted our bathroom at the end of last year. I found these amazing geometric light mint, gray and white towels from Home Goods to match our charcoal grey walls. Since then, it's what my eye gravitates to.
It's just so soothing, adds a pop of color and just seems so happy to me. Naturally I had to make a Treasury List on Etsy with all things mint colored. Here's my roundup. 
I seriously want every.single.thing on this list! If I had to choose just 5 things though, it'd be:

this ombre pillow. I mean, it would match my new vanity amazingly. Plus, ombre? Need I say more?
I love how simple and modern this candle holder is. It is just my style!
I've had my trusty gliver (glitter+silver, get it?) iPhone case for way too long. I need to switch it up. 
ChalkPaint. Not to be confused with chalkboard paint, but it's similar to the Anne Sloane ChalkPaint that have an incredibly smooth-fabulous finish. The best thing about this shop is the array of colors they have. I really wish I would have found this before I bought my vanity paint yesterday! I may need to find something else to paint with these stat!
This bracelet. So cute!
Which item is your favorite? Happy Weekend and happy painting to me!

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  1. Hello from the link up! I've been LOVING mint too lately!! So much fabulousness here, girl! Fun post :) Have yourself a lovely weekend!

  2. I'm loving mint too! I saw someone who had just painted their living room mint and it was soooo pretty.

  3. Can I please live in your treasury, please?! : ) I LOVE mint, and am not afraid to admit I have an obsession with it! LOVE THIS! And let me just say your Etsy shop is adorable!!!! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you, thank you! You are too sweet! Yes, come live in the fabulousness that is everything mint! I seriously wish I could buy every.single.thing on that list! Thanks for stopping by! :D