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Well Happy Hump Day! Here's some randomness that's been our last few days...
We have been enjoying our gorgeous weather and have been outdoors as much as possible, and in turn, away from the computer. 

Last week we had some early Valentines celebration and a kid-free date night of sushi. Then on Friday we celebrated after work and exchanged gifts. 
The quickest way to their heart is thru sweets
then enjoyed some Valentine's Day celebrations by going to...Monster Jam! Nothing says 'I love you' like monster trucks and racing fuel! Hahaha. 
E had been wanting to go for some time, it was in town over V-day weekend and we thought Autumn would enjoy it. Turns out, she did...sorta. It started after her bedtime so she was a little sleepy and mostly un-phased by it all. She did really well though with the ear protectors and sitting still, until the very end. She stayed up way past her bedtime but slept in until 8:15! So naturally I was wide awake at 7am.
This is the only family photo managed to take once we got home
Saturday we just hung out and went to the park. Autumn met some little friends, Jack played and Autumn swam in the sand. Girlfriend is obsessed with sand! This totally makes us want to take her to the beach because we just know she'll love the water and sand! Just like us :)
Sunday was breakfast and I finally handed out Valentines gifts to the fam. I love the way our popcorn jars turned out. 
It really was so easy to make. Pre-popped popcorn, candy melts, assorted sprinkles, M&M's and mason jars. Boom.
Let the chocolate harden. Try not to eat it all. 
Then package them up
I had planned on using my cup cozies for them but I bought the wrong size jars and just didn't have time to whip up some more in time. Fail. The popcorn was sooooo good! I even had to make some more for E because he was sad it was all gone.

After breakfast, I made a Target run with the cutest little Target date there ever was. She looked like such a little princess! And kept waving to everyone like one too, haha. And the poor checkout guy, Autumn said hi (with a wave) to him about a million and one times. He was a good sport and kept saying hi back, lol.
We went to eat dinner where Autumn ate like a little piggy! Macaroni and chocolate pudding anyone? 
I've been wanting to re-paint this old vanity I have but never got around to it. I was waiting for the right color and inspiration. Well I finally found it and it's name is Meadow Mist. The prettiest shade of minty goodness will be going on that old vanity of mine. Now if only I could have like 8 extra hours in everyday to actually paint it! I fell in love with these knobs from Anthro. Swoon. The impulse shopper in me wants to say hell ya $12 knobs but the realist says I need to shop around. Guess I'll have to go shopping!
The vanity haul is step #1 in operation 'Get our bedroom decorated like adults live here and not college students'. The next steps are finding a new bedspread, curtains, rugs, TV stand (yes, I like to lay in bed and watch trashy reality shows) and extra storage/closet. SO...pretty much an entire bedroom! I'll be doing a post on what I have in mind soon.

On another random note, you may have noticed the blog URL changed to match the title of the blog. It's a lot longer, annoying I know, but...makes sense they match. 

Ok, I think that's enough Wednesday ramblings don't you think? Yes!

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  1. My son went to Monster Jam over V-Day weekend too. He had fun.