Made with Love

One of my favorite parts of Valentines is making gifts to give to our loved ones. There's nothing like a homemade gift, even better if it's made 100% of sugar and love.

Last year, I managed to setup a mini photoshoot with Autumn and sent out Valentines Cards. Guess what I did this year? Nothing. How did I even manage to have the time or energy to do all that last year?!

I also went all out and baked like a madwoman then wrapped everything up in these huge pink cake boxes. You can see more about that madness here.
I'm simplifying it this go-round. Read: baking like I'm running a bakery is near impossible (and exhausting) with a toddler. Valentines cards? Packs of M&M's count, right?  Ain't nobody got time for that.

I still want to make something special and I really want to make something that Autumn can help with. Since most of these gifts are going to our 'babysitters', it only seems appropriate that she has a hand in it.

Part one of our gift most definitely includes some sweet treats. I LOVE popcorn lately and this white chocolate popcorn with festive sprinkles is right up my alley. Costco has this giant bag of Skinny Popcorn that is delish, pre-made and perfect for these gifts. Add some melted chocolate and sprinkles, done. It doesn't get more simple than that! 

I have some mini wide mouth mason jars left from my Moms birthday party, fill it with popcorn, put one of my festive cup cozy's on it, add a 'you make my heart pop!' tag tied on with bakers twine. Done and yum!

I haven't decided which project we'll do but here's some I have in mind...

This wouldn't involve Autumn much, but I like the black and white and maybe a heart made out of her foot prints instead of buttons. so.many.buttons.

There wasn't an actual link for this, boo :(

This might be my favorite one because it's also the most simple

The execution on this isn't great, but the idea is there. Since I have the handwriting of a 5 year old, I'll more than likely use giant glitter letters sold at Hobby Lobby.
 You can see more of my Valentines Day ideas on my Pinterest board. We'll be doing one of these crafts this weekend and I'll have some photos to share next week.

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  1. Love the hand and footprint ideas! We did feet for hearts last year and I love looking back at how tiny she was :)

  2. Delish! Want to make the popcorn and I will buy it from you?! How about finger painting?! I made those button canvases last year and they are stinkin' cute! Just have to make one for C now. They are a lot of work and kids put buttons in their mouth to give you a heart attack! Busy mama stick with something easy! Just want to say that I love love love your blog!