Valentine Cards: Toddler Style

First off, immediate family: please stop reading this post for now :)
I have always been a fan of homemade gifts. Especially now with Autumn where everything she does is changing so much every day, week and month. With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I knew I wanted to do something for our families. They help us out so much that this is just a very small gesture to give our thanks. It's the little things

Friday after work, I went and grabbed all the makings to create some canvas art for our family for Valentines. Then I started thinking of the nightmare is was going to be to ship all those things off, the cost, and time that would need to go into that. I quickly scratched that idea and picked up some kraft paper cards instead. Soooo glad that I did!

I decided to make our family some 'art' cards instead. This accomplished everything I wanted...Autumn got to have fun and participate, they were inexpensive, easy, mailing will be a breeze (now I just need to get my ass to the post office!) and I know our family will love some Autumn art. This was such an easy project and would be perfect for some last minute, but thoughtful gifts for those loved ones.

Pack of kraft paper cards/envelopes, Valentine colored non-toxic/water based paint (light pink, pink and light purple), pack of paper hearts, tape, paper plate, lots of paper towels.
 I started off by attaching the paper hearts to the cards with a little piece of tape. You will be removing the heart so you don't want too much tape otherwise it'll rip off the card.

I put the three colors of paint on a paper plate. Easy right?
 Put the paint and a card in front of Autumn and let her go to town.

She didn't know what to do at first so I had to dip her finger in the paint. Then she stuck her finger in her mouth. Her mouth was purple.

After I flushed her mouth out, she started to get the hang of painting.
 She loved it! She was putting both her hands in the paint, clapping, then slapping her hand on the paper.
It was a good thing I had my mom's help because she was guiding Autumn to keep painting on the paper (instead of her high chair) while I was switching out the cards and placing the others to dry.
Painting is serious business!
Once we ran out of cards, she wanted to keep painting and got pissed when I took everything away! Then she kept reaching up for the paints the rest of the evening! Haha. I think we'll be doing some more painting very soon.

Cleanup was a breeze since it was all water soluble paint, win!

Once the paint dried completely, I gently peeled off the heart leaving a cute little art card. 
Some could have used a little more paint to make the heart more defined, but I love them as is! You can even see Autumn's whole hand prints on some of the cards, haha.
The cards were signed and sealed...
These were super easy to make and inexpensive. The total cost was about $10 and I still have half a pack of cards leftover (I used coupons from Hobby Lobby along with their sales). 

We had so much fun making these cards! I love being able to include Autumn in more and more things and let her get a little messy too. I love that you can put the card up for the season, or even frame it to save. I know I will be framing ours and putting it up on the gallery wall :) I know our family will just love these too!


  1. Sending things is so outrageously pricey anymore. Your family and friends will love these made with love from Autumn.

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