Guest Post on Mama and Mou

Happy thank goodness it's not Monday Tuesday! But really. I'm so excited to be guest posting over on Mama and Mou talking all about the sweet woodland baby shower I had for my bestie a few months back.
I LOVE throwing a good party! All the details, the food, the decorations. It's my happy place. You can check it all out and more here. 

A big thank you to the lovely Kristin for letting me share this sweet baby shower!


5 Things

Hello Friday! Today I'm feeling a little bit like Tigger the effing Tiger! I am Day 16 of my Whole 30 and feeling pretty damn good. I've had my ups and downs...yesterday all I wanted was something, anything that was covered in chocolate, sugar and then doused in coffee with cream! I don't know how much I've lost (inches or lbs) but I just feel like things are changing in the right direction. It's a hard road but these are five things that are helping me get through this Whole 30. 
Ok, I'm not entirely here...but I'm getting closer!
Flavored water, or salad water because that's what it looks like sometimes. Not to be mistaken with sugary, artificially flavored water. Just purified water with either cucumbers/mint, pineapple, oranges, mint or whatever other fruit/veggies sounds good. One day this week, I forgot to bring my fancy water and it was SO hard to drink all that boring H2o! I plan on checking out these other combos too.
Pinterest. I've been running into some serious food boredom this week. To the point where I didn't even want to eat because everything sounded gross (except cupcakes). I turned to Pinterest for some new recipes to shake it up. Some of my favs come from NomNom Paleo and this board on Whole 30. There are about 5 million other resources too. 
My lil fam. Autumn has been gobbling up multiple servings of what I'm cooking these days and even Ernest likes all these new recipes!
LaraBars. So technically, on Whole 30, you aren't supposed to have 'treats' like this because they're not really getting you away from that candy bar addiction. BUT...shit happens. You're running late, didn't grab anything but need to eat so you grab a LaraBar. They are all paleo compliant (check which are Whole 30 compliant) and are made from dates + whatever flavor combo you get, no other added crap. They're delish!
Whole Foods. I am not kidding when I say I've wanted nothing to do with the kitchen this week. I wanted to get out of the office the other day so hitup WF for lunch. They have the best salad bar and even had a sweet potato bar that day! Boom! Plus I cannot resist the fresh flowers there!

If anyone is thinking about starting Whole 30, @jennaskitchen on IG is starting another Whole 30 on Monday and is rallying up a bunch of peeps to join in for support, recipes and tips. I'm excited to keep following along and learn more about this new lifestyle! 


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Happy (almost) Weekend!

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Happy Spring and other ramblings

Honestly, life has been some smooth sailing over here. By that, I mean uneventful. Uneventful is good sometimes.
This weekend was really mellow. I got my herrrr did and re-organized the kitchen, my closet and got rid of all the teeny tiny clothes I was still trying to put Autumn in. Exciting, I know.

We did a lot of reading, coloring, and talking on the phone
St. Patty's Day was...well Monday. And guess what? I didn't make a single damn shamrock shaped anything! Autumn did wear a cute outfit (from her Gigi) and I made her a healthy green smoothie and a plate full of green food. It was cute...until she decided to make guacamole of everything by mashing it in her hands and all over her highchair then proceeding to have a scream fest when I took it away. Guess she wasn't hungry.
This kid has been waking up almost every night for the last few weeks. We are baffled as to why. Is she too hot, too cold, teething, what in the world is making her scream at night?! I read somewhere that between 17-21 months is when they go through their biggest milestone yet. Woah, that explains a lot! So we have 3+ months of no sleep?! Noooooo!

My mom and I took Autumn to Target to grab a few things. I had the brilliant idea to let her walk around in hopes of burning off some energy so we could all get some sleep (spoiler alert: it didn't work). This was not a good idea! She was running around and looking at everything and saying 'ooooo'. Apparently she loves women's sized bikini's in an American flag. She wanted to pick up everything she saw but finally decided on a giant bunny. Everywhere we went, she wanted to go the opposite way. There was a lot of running, tears, screams and 'ooooo's'. This quick thinking Mom snatched the bunny and hid him behind the cereal (sorry Target!) and distracted her with my wallet. Gets her every time.
In other news, Autumn's vocabulary has just skyrocketed the last week! I honestly cannot believe my ears when she surprises us with a new word. This week alone she's said these words very clearly...yes (when asked if she wants something), apple, hot dog, eye, bye (it used to be a long drawn out behhh), more, nose and many more that this sleep deprived mind can't remember. 

Another attempt at wearing her out, the park. She wanted nothing to do with the toys at the park but loves to swim in the sand. A loud car playing music drove by and girlfriend dropped her handful of sand to bust a move! She's so funny!
Last night my mom kept Autumn at her house because she's taking care of her today. They live kind of far so she just kept Autumn overnight. Ernest and I had a night to ourselves, woohoo! What did we do?! Listened to the TV loud, did laundry past 6pm and cleaned without having to be quiet! lol. Pre-Autumn, we always used to take long drives in the Z. We were going to see a movie but then I suggested a drive instead. Ernest was super excited! We had so much fun driving around town to our favorite spots and just being two carefree parents. Such a great night with my love! 

And now, it's S P R I N G!


Happy St. Patrick's Day and a Pot O' Gold!

As a kid did you ever want to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?! Yeah, me too. Well today is your lucky day and the pot of gold ($145 to be exact) could be all yours! My girl Karli at September Farm hosted this awesome giveaway along with Bunny Autumn and these other fabulous ladies. Check em out and make sure to enter for your chance at that pot of gold! Mama needs a new spring outfit!! Happy Monday and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

very very best of luck! 
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5 on Friday: A Bedroom Wishlist

 This isn't that kind of bedroom wishlist! ;) Our bedroom is in desperate need of some help. It is all kinds of disorganized and modge-podgy. Not the happy disasters that look like they belong in a magazine, we're talking too many different pieces all jumbled up in one room. 

There are a few key pieces we need: a TV stand (yes, we like to eat chocolates and watch The Bachelor in bed. Judge away), a wardrobe closet for me, a new duvet, some vanity prettiness and a vanity chair. It also need lots of other things like curtains, rugs, pictures/mirrors and just general decorations. Baby steps.

I finished painting my vanity a couple weeks ago but ran into a few snags....like losing one of the drawer pulls and realizing there were a bunch of holes from an old mirror! And just sheer laziness. Here is a sneak peek at it right now. I LOVE the mint color and knobs I found. I'm using that as a jumping off point for the rest of the room.
Owl and Coral Knob (similar)
//one: TV stand//
Something simple with more storage.

//two: wardrobe closet//

The worst thing about living in an older house is the small closets. Every morning is a battle to find that one thing buried at the back of my closet floor. This is mostly due to not having enough storage. This Ikea closet would be glorious.

//three: duvet//
 I have this problem of going into Anthropology for one thing and coming out with a wishlist a mile long. Like this world map/watercolor duvet. I love that it's not too masculine or feminine but has just enough whimsy to make it fun.

//four: vanity prettiness//
 I'm embarrassed to admit that all of my vanity stuff is still sitting in a box on my floor since I painted it. Cringe. I wanted to put things back in a more organized fashion instead of shoving it all in like before. I definitely need some more cohesion and prettiness like this. I'm thinking Home Goods will have the solution to my problem.

//five: vanity chair//

I'd really like something vintage that I can modern up a bit myself. Or maybe something along these lines. 

Now to make the 7 hour drive to our nearest IKEA...

Happy Friday everyone!!


Whole 30: Days 1-5 + Recipes

Last week I started my Whole 30 program. I'm on day 6 and feeling pretty good overall.

For this 30 days, I've decided to add meat back into my diet. The vegetarian version of Whole 30 is beyond limited. I'm talking like two choices of protein. This is already really hard that making it even more limited sounded unrealistic for me. I'm trying to stick to mostly fish choices but even that is limited. Once I'm done, I plan on going back to a mostly vegetarian/pescitarian diet because I just feel better that way.

//Day 1//
Coming off my 3 day juice cleanse, I was just stoked to eat food again! Haha.
Breakfast: egg scramble with sauted mushrooms, onion, red bell pepper, spinach and kale. Side of hashed sweet potatoes. I made a huge batch of this that lasted me 4 breakfasts.
Lunch: Tuna with olive oil, steamed veggies (I make a huge batch and just grab from that).
Dinner: Slider burgers made with grass-fed beef, bacon and all the (veggie) fixings. Roasted sweet potato, 1/2 avocado. Grass fed beef tastes so much different than regular meat!
Egg scramble, sweet potato hash browns and 1/2 avocado
//Day 2//
 Still feeling good. I did have a headache all day.
Breakfast: egg scramble and sweet potato hash, homemade salsa (tomatoes, jalapeno, cilantro, garlic, onion, salt and lime juice)
Lunch: I ventured out to lunch with a friend. I knew I'd have to face this so why not sooner than later. We went to Panera. I did a lot of research the night before. There were literally only 2 things I could eat! It's scary how much shit is put in our food. The 'natural' chicken had sugar, the boiled eggs had some sort of starch and the lean beef was grilled in wheat starch! Amazing. I ended up having the Power Steak Wraps without pesto and extra lemon. It was ok. Eating out is going to be near impossible!
Dinner: Same as Day 1. I really wanted dessert (our usual Friday night) but settled for water instead. 

//Day 3//
Still had a headache but feeling mostly good. Went shopping for the rest of my stuff at Whole Foods. This is an expensive lifestyle. I resisted all the yumminess that is WF and clam chowder. I also realized I was picking at Autumn's dinner. A lot. A little nibble here, a little nibble there. It adds up. No more though!
Breakfast: Same as Day 1 and 2. Also added in a clementine orange. I also made a Bulletproof Coffee and was in heaven. 1 cup hot coffee, 1 spoonful ghee, 1 spoonful coconut oil. Blended in a blender until frothy. Amazing.
Lunch: Sliders with steamed veggies and an egg.
Dinner: This was rough. Ernest wanted to go out to sushi. I looked up their menu and could only have the vegetarian roll without any soy sauce. Sashimi was out for me especially since I couldn't drown it in soy sauce. Then Chili's was an option. Nope. He ended up getting himself something and I made myself 3 fried eggs, sweet potato hash, asparagus and 1/2 avocado. Crisis averted.
//Day 4//
Felt mostly good. I really had a lot of sugar cravings. I just wanted something sweet. I tried an orange and an Almond Banana but didn't help. I was a little on edge.
Breakfast: Same. I picked up some hazelnut coffee from Costco and drank it black. It was surprisingly good. I did realize that coffee is an issue for me. Part of Whole 30 is not having any addictions to food or drink and I definitely rely on coffee. It may be time to say goodbye to my dear old friend. Tear.
Lunch: I discovered I could use Cholula sauce! I need my heat. 1 egg, sliders, steamed veggies.
Dinner: I resisted all the yummy temptations at Gigi's house and instead settled on some nuts. I didn't eat dinner there but instead waited until we got home. 

Coconut milk and lime cod with mango/avocado salsa. Marinate the cod in coconut milk and the juice of one lime for 30 minutes. Cut up the mango and avocado. I mixed mine with some of my homemade salsa. Cook the fish at 350* for 12 minutes. Serve with salsa on top. Delish! (Recipe from @jennaskitchen on IG)
That gross looking brown stuff creeping on the plate is balsamic vinegar. Amazing on steamed veggies! Just make sure it doesn't have sugar to be Whole 30 compliant
//Day 5//
This day was rough. Daylight Savings can suck it. I had a horrible headache all.day.long.
Breakfast: Egg scramble with mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, spinach and kale. Sweet potato and avocado
Lunch: Leftover coconut lime fish, veggies
Dinner: Pistachio crusted salmon + roasted asparagus + steamed brocolli
Chop up pistachios in a food processor until coarse/fine. Coat your salmon fillets in the nuts. Meanwhile, heat a pan with olive oil on M-H heat. Cook the fillets for about 7 minutes flipping once halfway through, or until your liking. I got this recipe from my aunt who makes coats the fish with honey then puts it in the pistachios. Her version is to die for but definitely not Whole 30 approved.
Pistachio crusted salmon, steamed veggies
We made an afternoon snack of Almond Banana Bites this weekend. Sometimes I use this as my fat serving. They are super simple and toddler approved. Simply cut up a banana into 12 pieces and place the slices in a mini muffin tin. Put about a tablespoon of almond butter over each banana. (I should have done this, place a toothpick in each banana so they're easier to eat). Cover and freeze until hard. Pop them out with a spoon. I ended up eating mine on the spoon so it was less messy. That's it. Sooo delish! And Whole30 approved. boom! Autumn gobbled hers up in a flash. 
I'm making all the dinners family sized plus an extra portion to take for lunch the next day. This cuts my food prep time down a lot. I feel like I'm constantly in the kitchen so any bit helps! Autumn has really surprised me and has liked almost everything I'm making. She's been eating my egg scramble, sweet potatoes/potato hash, fish and roasted veggies. Her absolute favorite thing is roasted asparagus! She has amazed me and just wants more, more and more. We're almost out of a huge pack of asparagus already and it's only Tuesday!



Weekend Recap

We sent out a memo to Autumn that Saturday and Sunday we wake up no earlier than 7am, the later, the better. She told us to shove our memo and woke up at 4:45am. It was my turn to get up with her. Good thing she's so damn cute!
I'm not quite sure why she keeps waking up so early. All week she's been up around 5am. She's still had her lingering cold and those teeth, I'm guessing that's the culprit. Once I got over waking up so early, we watching cartoons and Pioneer Woman, got ready and headed to Costco as early as possible. It was still bat shit crazy there. Hate that. Ran some other errands then met up with my friend from high school, Amanda. She had joined my 'book train' but sadly couldn't find anyone else to join. She was sweet enough to get Autumn a ton of books still! Totally unnecessary but much appreciated! Went home, Autumn took a glorious 2.5 hour nap and I did some food prep. Once she woke up, I let her open the box of books and she was so excited! For the next few hours we read all her books...500 times!
Sunday was my turn to sleep in (thank goodness!). I slept in until almost 10am! That never happens for me. It was glorious. Autumn was ready for her nap by the time I got up so I hit up Michael's for more yarn. Before I left, Ernest said 'why do you need yarn, you have a whole trunk full of yarn?!' Don't question a woman and her yarn. Ever. Especially a woman who cannot eat sugar, carbs or coffee with cream. I need some vices!

This kid must have just gone thru a growth spurt because all her clothes are super short! 
Dad did not approve of her skirt length...
The rest of the afternoon, we went and visited Ernest's grandparents. Autumn loves playing outside and throwing rocks. Silly girl. 
Always gabbing away...
Then more food prep, bedtime for Autumn and some work. It was at this point I turned on my computer only to realize there was something seriously wrong with it. It wouldn't even let me open anything. Sigh. I don't know who's Wheaties I pissed in but I've had some major technology bad luck lately! Fingers crossed it's fixable. I had some new stuff to add to Bunny Autumn but that's gonna have to wait. Boo.

I'm on Day 5 of the Whole 30. According to their timeline, yesterday and today are 'Kill All the Things'. Yes. I couldn't agree more. Maybe it's Daylight Savings too. Somehow I didn't set my alarm clock to the right time so this morning Autumn woke up at 5:15am and I was thinking, why, why are you up so early, it's only 4:15am (old time). I finally crawled out of bed to realize it was 6:15!!! Which meant I only had 45 minutes to straighten my hair, get ready and drive 20 minutes to work. UGH! 

My day was made a million times better when my sweet Mom dropped off the broken computer and had Autumn in tow. I squeezed her and gave her a thousand kisses! Those five minutes were glorious and definitely the highlight to my Monday!


5 on Friday

All day yesterday I thought it was Friday. I HATE when that happens! Thank goodness today is really Friday!!

I've been so busy constantly adding new things to my Etsy shop, Bunny Autumn. Some is just in time for St. Patrick's Day, some for Easter and lots more Easter stuff being added soon!

This garland. I love the color of the clovers!
I have it hanging in our kitchen on my blank chalkboard wall. It's just begging me to write something festive on it! Poor wall.

This beer koozie. Sadly I won't be partaking in any St. Patty's Day drinking this year. Cue the tears. It's ok though, I'll be almost halfway to my Whole 30
This Easter basket. Autumn has already claimed it as hers and walks it all over the house with stuff like straws, my chapstick and some plastic food. Priorities. 

I'm going to try adding her name to it...

This heart garland finally got put up in Autumn's room. 
I thought I would get tired of the gray, yellow and white theme but nope, I still love it! Her room is my favorite in our house. 

I started a Pinterest profile for Bunny Autumn. Now I can pin all the yarn, crochet, knit and everything 80 year old Grandma I want in one glorious place! Follow along if your inner Grandma wants to come out too! 

Happy Friday (for real this time)!