17 Months

What's new with Miss Autumn J? 

I forgot to measure her last night!

12 mo, 12-18mo and some 18 month (although these are huge). Still size 3 diapers. Shoe size 4. Big foot like her Daddy

This one has been rough. A couple weeks ago she was waking up from 1-4 for a few days straight. All week she's been waking up super early at 5am. Naps are hit and miss too. Some days she naps like a champ 2x per day. Other days, she barely naps at all. I blame this on another cold she got last week and teeth. Bastards. 

We're still rocking out smoothies a couple days a week. Although I've noticed she will barely, or not at all, eat her dinner if she has a smoothie so I've been reserving them for weekends mostly. Otherwise her eating has been ok. Kind of like sleep, hit or miss. Still Picky Picky Princess. 

She has mastered the spoon and fork! Sometimes I forget to give her one and she'll just be poking around her food, hand her a spoon and she goes to town!

Those mean, mean teeth have been terrorizing her. She is popping two big teeth up top and a molar! Ouch! Considering she has a construction project going on in her mouth, she has been handling it like a champ!

Autumn caught another cold and cough last week/weekend. It sounded pretty similar to what I had but thankfully she was over it in a couple days.  Aside from a runny nose and a little cough, she's much better. This cold season has been rough on us!

The last few weeks Autumn's words have just soared! She is repeating everything we say. Definitely time to cut out the sailor mouth! She especially like to boss Jack around. She says 'come here Jack', 'go for walk', 'get up Jack'. Those phrases of course aren't super defined or clear but you can understand what she's getting at. She even crouches down, claps with the leash in hand and says 'come here Jack!' Poor Jack-Jack he's such a good sport.

She is such a Mama bear! While I was sick and laying on the couch, she would come over and touch my forehead and say 'shhhhh, shhhhh'. She also has a play medical kit and was taking very good care of me. Autumn loves holding a stuffed animal, her phone, whatever she can find like a baby and rocking it while saying 'shhhh'. So funny! Other things she does...makes raspberries super loud and slobbery, talks on the phone (or anything loosely resembling a phone) constantly, a Britney shimmy shoulder shake and probably a million other hilarious things. 

Autumn has gotten pretty good at animal noises. She can identify a pig, dog, kitty (her fav), duck, horse and cow with accompanying noises they each make.

Each day we read a book on her bedroom rug. She loves the touch books and thinks every book has a bunny to pet. Haha. Autumn will start to sing songs she wants me to sing then claps along. She just learns so much each week! It's amazing what repeating things daily teaches her! Just when I think she's not even paying attention she surprises me by repeating it later!

Music, being outside, bubbles, lotion, lipstick, jewelry and anything girly...like her Princess throne! That's right, a potty that has a crown and plays music when it's filled! She's obsessed with it! She'll sit on it, especially before bath. I got pictures that are hilarious but I'll save those to embarrass her when she's older! ;)

She loves for me to hum to her, hums along then says 'yay!' And claps! We do this approximately 582 times a day. She loves running around the house with her arms up! Autumn loves wrestling and being tickled by her Daddy, for me to smell her feet and say 'pewwww' and 'jumping' on the bed...which closely resembles her head banging. Hasn't quite figured out the jump part...

She's always smelling stuff and either shaking her hand and saying pewww or say 'mmmmmm'. She's mastered the 'no' accompanied by a finger shake. If she's done something bad (like throwing all the chalk in Jack's water) she'll either smile and say 'hiiii'' or say 'ahaha, noooo' and shake her finger.

She LOVES taking anything for a walk. When Jack doesn't cooperate, she settles for a kitten or a stuffed animal.

Diaper changes. Meat. Me not holding her. When Dad cuddles up with her blanket. Being told no. She now throws herself on the floor tantrum style. It doesn't even phase us anymore. Especially when she looks up at us to see out reaction. Oh my little wild child!

Autumn just has the sweetest little personality! She's so happy and kind on one hand and a feisty determined little gal on the other! We just love watching her grow and all the changes and new things she continually learns each day. Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary of finding out we were having a baby. I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined how wonderful our life would be from that point forward. Autumn is such a blessing and words cannot even describe how much I love her!

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