5 on Friday: A Bedroom Wishlist

 This isn't that kind of bedroom wishlist! ;) Our bedroom is in desperate need of some help. It is all kinds of disorganized and modge-podgy. Not the happy disasters that look like they belong in a magazine, we're talking too many different pieces all jumbled up in one room. 

There are a few key pieces we need: a TV stand (yes, we like to eat chocolates and watch The Bachelor in bed. Judge away), a wardrobe closet for me, a new duvet, some vanity prettiness and a vanity chair. It also need lots of other things like curtains, rugs, pictures/mirrors and just general decorations. Baby steps.

I finished painting my vanity a couple weeks ago but ran into a few snags....like losing one of the drawer pulls and realizing there were a bunch of holes from an old mirror! And just sheer laziness. Here is a sneak peek at it right now. I LOVE the mint color and knobs I found. I'm using that as a jumping off point for the rest of the room.
Owl and Coral Knob (similar)
//one: TV stand//
Something simple with more storage.

//two: wardrobe closet//

The worst thing about living in an older house is the small closets. Every morning is a battle to find that one thing buried at the back of my closet floor. This is mostly due to not having enough storage. This Ikea closet would be glorious.

//three: duvet//
 I have this problem of going into Anthropology for one thing and coming out with a wishlist a mile long. Like this world map/watercolor duvet. I love that it's not too masculine or feminine but has just enough whimsy to make it fun.

//four: vanity prettiness//
 I'm embarrassed to admit that all of my vanity stuff is still sitting in a box on my floor since I painted it. Cringe. I wanted to put things back in a more organized fashion instead of shoving it all in like before. I definitely need some more cohesion and prettiness like this. I'm thinking Home Goods will have the solution to my problem.

//five: vanity chair//

I'd really like something vintage that I can modern up a bit myself. Or maybe something along these lines. 

Now to make the 7 hour drive to our nearest IKEA...

Happy Friday everyone!!

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  1. That duvet cover is gorgeous! So different -- I'm definitely in love, too!