5 on Friday

All day yesterday I thought it was Friday. I HATE when that happens! Thank goodness today is really Friday!!

I've been so busy constantly adding new things to my Etsy shop, Bunny Autumn. Some is just in time for St. Patrick's Day, some for Easter and lots more Easter stuff being added soon!

This garland. I love the color of the clovers!
I have it hanging in our kitchen on my blank chalkboard wall. It's just begging me to write something festive on it! Poor wall.

This beer koozie. Sadly I won't be partaking in any St. Patty's Day drinking this year. Cue the tears. It's ok though, I'll be almost halfway to my Whole 30
This Easter basket. Autumn has already claimed it as hers and walks it all over the house with stuff like straws, my chapstick and some plastic food. Priorities. 

I'm going to try adding her name to it...

This heart garland finally got put up in Autumn's room. 
I thought I would get tired of the gray, yellow and white theme but nope, I still love it! Her room is my favorite in our house. 

I started a Pinterest profile for Bunny Autumn. Now I can pin all the yarn, crochet, knit and everything 80 year old Grandma I want in one glorious place! Follow along if your inner Grandma wants to come out too! 

Happy Friday (for real this time)! 


  1. These are so sweet! I love the heart garland... such a pretty and festive decoration! Nice work :) Off to check out your shop! Glad to have discovered your blog :)


  2. The Easter basket is really cute. Perfect for putting candy and eggs in. A Halloween version would also be nice. Or perhaps something similar as an all season candy dish.

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