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Hello Friday! Today I'm feeling a little bit like Tigger the effing Tiger! I am Day 16 of my Whole 30 and feeling pretty damn good. I've had my ups and downs...yesterday all I wanted was something, anything that was covered in chocolate, sugar and then doused in coffee with cream! I don't know how much I've lost (inches or lbs) but I just feel like things are changing in the right direction. It's a hard road but these are five things that are helping me get through this Whole 30. 
Ok, I'm not entirely here...but I'm getting closer!
Flavored water, or salad water because that's what it looks like sometimes. Not to be mistaken with sugary, artificially flavored water. Just purified water with either cucumbers/mint, pineapple, oranges, mint or whatever other fruit/veggies sounds good. One day this week, I forgot to bring my fancy water and it was SO hard to drink all that boring H2o! I plan on checking out these other combos too.
Pinterest. I've been running into some serious food boredom this week. To the point where I didn't even want to eat because everything sounded gross (except cupcakes). I turned to Pinterest for some new recipes to shake it up. Some of my favs come from NomNom Paleo and this board on Whole 30. There are about 5 million other resources too. 
My lil fam. Autumn has been gobbling up multiple servings of what I'm cooking these days and even Ernest likes all these new recipes!
LaraBars. So technically, on Whole 30, you aren't supposed to have 'treats' like this because they're not really getting you away from that candy bar addiction. BUT...shit happens. You're running late, didn't grab anything but need to eat so you grab a LaraBar. They are all paleo compliant (check which are Whole 30 compliant) and are made from dates + whatever flavor combo you get, no other added crap. They're delish!
Whole Foods. I am not kidding when I say I've wanted nothing to do with the kitchen this week. I wanted to get out of the office the other day so hitup WF for lunch. They have the best salad bar and even had a sweet potato bar that day! Boom! Plus I cannot resist the fresh flowers there!

If anyone is thinking about starting Whole 30, @jennaskitchen on IG is starting another Whole 30 on Monday and is rallying up a bunch of peeps to join in for support, recipes and tips. I'm excited to keep following along and learn more about this new lifestyle! 


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Happy (almost) Weekend!

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  1. Saw your site through Five on Friday. I Love Larabars! I am not sure exactly what Whole 30 is but I am a big smoothie drinker when I am having a serious snack or sweet craving. I just freeze a banana and throw in some honey, raw cocoa powder, a little nut butter, and some sort of milk (almond, soy, or plain old cow). Not quite ice cream but it keeps me from reaching for it. Looking forward to reading more of your blog