Happy Spring and other ramblings

Honestly, life has been some smooth sailing over here. By that, I mean uneventful. Uneventful is good sometimes.
This weekend was really mellow. I got my herrrr did and re-organized the kitchen, my closet and got rid of all the teeny tiny clothes I was still trying to put Autumn in. Exciting, I know.

We did a lot of reading, coloring, and talking on the phone
St. Patty's Day was...well Monday. And guess what? I didn't make a single damn shamrock shaped anything! Autumn did wear a cute outfit (from her Gigi) and I made her a healthy green smoothie and a plate full of green food. It was cute...until she decided to make guacamole of everything by mashing it in her hands and all over her highchair then proceeding to have a scream fest when I took it away. Guess she wasn't hungry.
This kid has been waking up almost every night for the last few weeks. We are baffled as to why. Is she too hot, too cold, teething, what in the world is making her scream at night?! I read somewhere that between 17-21 months is when they go through their biggest milestone yet. Woah, that explains a lot! So we have 3+ months of no sleep?! Noooooo!

My mom and I took Autumn to Target to grab a few things. I had the brilliant idea to let her walk around in hopes of burning off some energy so we could all get some sleep (spoiler alert: it didn't work). This was not a good idea! She was running around and looking at everything and saying 'ooooo'. Apparently she loves women's sized bikini's in an American flag. She wanted to pick up everything she saw but finally decided on a giant bunny. Everywhere we went, she wanted to go the opposite way. There was a lot of running, tears, screams and 'ooooo's'. This quick thinking Mom snatched the bunny and hid him behind the cereal (sorry Target!) and distracted her with my wallet. Gets her every time.
In other news, Autumn's vocabulary has just skyrocketed the last week! I honestly cannot believe my ears when she surprises us with a new word. This week alone she's said these words very clearly...yes (when asked if she wants something), apple, hot dog, eye, bye (it used to be a long drawn out behhh), more, nose and many more that this sleep deprived mind can't remember. 

Another attempt at wearing her out, the park. She wanted nothing to do with the toys at the park but loves to swim in the sand. A loud car playing music drove by and girlfriend dropped her handful of sand to bust a move! She's so funny!
Last night my mom kept Autumn at her house because she's taking care of her today. They live kind of far so she just kept Autumn overnight. Ernest and I had a night to ourselves, woohoo! What did we do?! Listened to the TV loud, did laundry past 6pm and cleaned without having to be quiet! lol. Pre-Autumn, we always used to take long drives in the Z. We were going to see a movie but then I suggested a drive instead. Ernest was super excited! We had so much fun driving around town to our favorite spots and just being two carefree parents. Such a great night with my love! 

And now, it's S P R I N G!

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