Weekend Recap

We sent out a memo to Autumn that Saturday and Sunday we wake up no earlier than 7am, the later, the better. She told us to shove our memo and woke up at 4:45am. It was my turn to get up with her. Good thing she's so damn cute!
I'm not quite sure why she keeps waking up so early. All week she's been up around 5am. She's still had her lingering cold and those teeth, I'm guessing that's the culprit. Once I got over waking up so early, we watching cartoons and Pioneer Woman, got ready and headed to Costco as early as possible. It was still bat shit crazy there. Hate that. Ran some other errands then met up with my friend from high school, Amanda. She had joined my 'book train' but sadly couldn't find anyone else to join. She was sweet enough to get Autumn a ton of books still! Totally unnecessary but much appreciated! Went home, Autumn took a glorious 2.5 hour nap and I did some food prep. Once she woke up, I let her open the box of books and she was so excited! For the next few hours we read all her books...500 times!
Sunday was my turn to sleep in (thank goodness!). I slept in until almost 10am! That never happens for me. It was glorious. Autumn was ready for her nap by the time I got up so I hit up Michael's for more yarn. Before I left, Ernest said 'why do you need yarn, you have a whole trunk full of yarn?!' Don't question a woman and her yarn. Ever. Especially a woman who cannot eat sugar, carbs or coffee with cream. I need some vices!

This kid must have just gone thru a growth spurt because all her clothes are super short! 
Dad did not approve of her skirt length...
The rest of the afternoon, we went and visited Ernest's grandparents. Autumn loves playing outside and throwing rocks. Silly girl. 
Always gabbing away...
Then more food prep, bedtime for Autumn and some work. It was at this point I turned on my computer only to realize there was something seriously wrong with it. It wouldn't even let me open anything. Sigh. I don't know who's Wheaties I pissed in but I've had some major technology bad luck lately! Fingers crossed it's fixable. I had some new stuff to add to Bunny Autumn but that's gonna have to wait. Boo.

I'm on Day 5 of the Whole 30. According to their timeline, yesterday and today are 'Kill All the Things'. Yes. I couldn't agree more. Maybe it's Daylight Savings too. Somehow I didn't set my alarm clock to the right time so this morning Autumn woke up at 5:15am and I was thinking, why, why are you up so early, it's only 4:15am (old time). I finally crawled out of bed to realize it was 6:15!!! Which meant I only had 45 minutes to straighten my hair, get ready and drive 20 minutes to work. UGH! 

My day was made a million times better when my sweet Mom dropped off the broken computer and had Autumn in tow. I squeezed her and gave her a thousand kisses! Those five minutes were glorious and definitely the highlight to my Monday!

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