Well I survived 3 days of my juice cleanse! Whew!!! Glad that is over! Here is my little re-cap...

//Day 1//
Also knows as the worst day ever. Ok, slightly dramatic but seriously, it was rough. I should have listened to everything I read and weaned myself into the cleanse rather than going on a binge of cookies and coffee. The amount of junk you eat before your cleanse is directly related to how awful you will feel. All those toxins gotta go somewhere. The second juice, with Acai, made me feel extremely nauseated. I think from the sugar in it.
I had a horrible headache, felt weak, extremely sleepy and just downright terrible. I even went and took a nap in my car at lunch! I needed some afternoon coffee. It tasted awful. What?! As far as hunger went, I wasn't actually hungry. I found it was hard to even finish all the juices I just felt so full with all the liquid and water I was drinking. I put the cashew milk in a wine glass in hopes it would be easier to drink. It was :) By 8pm I was cranky and my head was pounding. Ernest thought I was dying. I was down for the count at 8:30pm.

//Day 2//
Feeling refreshed. Thank heavens! I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. This was definitely the peak of the cleanse. I felt energized, had a slight headache that wore off by mid-day but overall feeling good. 

I did start to get mentally hungry. I wasn't physically hungry but I just wanted to eat something. I still had a hard time finishing all the juice this day. I was so energized that I went to bed really late this night which was a mistake...

//Day 3//
Mentally exhausted. I was just over not being able to eat anything at this point. I was tired of the juices, just tired of this stupid cleanse. Who's idea was this anyway?! I pressed through...until I went grocery shopping at lunch (for today). Bad idea. I caved and had some carrots. Shameful. 

I was thisclose to giving in and eating dinner. Instead I prepped my food for today and took an Epsom salt bath. Drank my last two juices and called it a night by 9:30pm.

Overall I do feel better. I feel 'lighter' and less bloated. I lost 4lbs total. I wish I would have drank more water yesterday because I think that would have helped lose more. Before measurements would have helped too. I didn't work out any of these days. It's recommended to reserve your energy and do light yoga and write in a journal. I got onto Pinterest. Basically the same thing, right?

As for the juices (you can get them all here)
Brainiac: Eh...it's a little rough. Much better over ice. 
Time Machine: Way too sugary. I had to dilute it by half
Flush: My favorite. It was refreshing and easy to drink
After Party: Another one that was too sweet for me. I ended up juicing more carrots to add. Maybe I did too many beets!?
Warrior: This one was great! I loved the texture of the chia. Again, pretty sweet so I alternated sips of this with the..
Relax: Yummm! I will be making this again. I also tried some in coffee and it was surprisingly good. 

The cleanse is done, now what?

  I knew when I finished my cleanse I wanted to eat better. I didn't want all that time, money and effort to go wasted. I randomly stumbled upon @jennaskitchen on Instagram (an editor for Small Fry Blog). She kept posting all these really healthy yummy looking recipes. I looked further into her feed and saw she was doing the Whole 30 program. Googled it, read up and I'm hooked. This is what it is in a nutshell:
It's not a diet but just clean eating and elimination of the stuff we don't need to survive. The Whole 30 is like boot camp for your system and the start to eating a Paleo diet. You can find TONS of resources at the Whole 30 website including their meal template, shopping lists and recipes. There is also a book they have called 'It Starts with Food' which explains why to eliminate these foods and the negative effect they have on your body. I like that there is no measuring, no points, no gimmicks. Just clean, natural, healthy food. That's it.
Day 1 breakfast: Egg/Veggie scramble, sweet potato hashbrowns topped with avocado
I'm super excited to start this lifestyle! It's going to be hard to break bad habits (no coffee with glorious creamer?!) but I'm ready for a change and I know I can do it! The recipes are awesome and I'm ready to get creative in the kitchen and start feeding my family healthier too!

Has anyone done Whole 30 before?

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  1. Juice cleanses always intrigue me, but I don't think I'd ever have the willpower to actually stick with one. Good job on that! I'm excited to hear how the Whole 30 thing goes for you.