5 IKEA finds on Friday

Is it even possible to find only 5 things at Ikea?! I think not! But, since our quick trip to Phoenix involves a 2 door sports car, my options are limited. The things on my list are...

Losjon Hangers. These are simply coat hook hangers. But when they are all put on the wall like this. They become a place for Autumn to hang all her purses, necklaces and bracelets. These will be perfect for the playroom!
Digniten curtain wire. For Autumn's birthday I printed all of her monthly pictures for a tassle garland. Now that garland and all those adorable pictures are sitting in a box. What a shame. This is just the thing I need to hang all of her pictures. A second one would be great in her playroom to hang all of her 'art'. Art only a mother could love :) 
Latt Children's Table. One of our favorite afternoon activities is painting and coloring. My old creaky knees can't handle sitting on the floor. Just kidding! But this would be easier to spread out all her coloring books and have a better surface to color on. I have some mint and gold paint leftover from my dresser re-do that I'm just itching to use again and this table will be the perfect place!
Via Little Baby Garvin
Spontan Magnetic board. Autumn's Grandma K bought her a set of wood magnet letters and numbers that she is obsessed with! I know she will love this magnetic board for her playroom!

This isn't an Ikea find but since we're on a playroom kick... I just LOVE this chalkboard print! I'm going to frame it in one of these frames. I think I need more walls in our playroom!!! Lily and Val have the cutest hand drawn chalkboard prints that I'm obsessed with!
How is the majority of my list stuff for Autumn?! Haha. Guess that's what happens...all you want is stuff to make fun things that will make for a happy little kiddo :)

Also, I wanted to do my Whole 30 recap today but I could not find our measuring tape thing for the life of me so stay tuned. I just know everyone is dying to see my results ::eye roll::

Happy Friday!!

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