Catchin' Up

I feel like it's been forever since I did a post. In reality, it's probably only been a week. I've been super busy with deadlines at work and we were struck with horrible colds, again. It started with Autumn's sniffles and then Ernest and I got full blown colds which of course turned into a sinus infection and bronchitis for me. Such fun!
We spent our weekend trying to recover, disinfecting everything for the millionth time this year and just taking it easy.
Saturday afternoon we had enough of being cooped up in the house so we went for a nice long drive, walked around and had an early-bird dinner. Getting out did wonders for all of us!
Autumn was such a ham at dinner. She has been going through a major growth spurt the last few weeks and has been eating up everything in sight...so long as it's not meat! She had a million breadsticks, alfredo spaghetti, and mashed potatoes, then was hungry when we got home!
Her favorite thing is having secretes whispered into her ear! We do this at least a million times a day. Even while at dinner.
Sunday was our usual shenanigans...breakfast with the fam, pulling my hair out at Costco for groceries and then food prepping for the week. Autumn was being such a wild child Sunday night running back and forth from the playroom to the living room. Her new thing is walking around with her eyes closed! Where does she come up with this stuff?! We just love her BIG personality and imagination!
I am also proud to say that I'm on Day 27 of my Whole 30! I've done great so far! Except for one thing...I was so sick the other night and could not sleep so I finally gave in (after 2 nights without any meds or sleep) and took some NyQuil. NyQuil has high fructose corn syrup which is definitely not Whole 30 approved, but I saw in their forum that it wasn't going to de-rail all my previous work. I'm hoping to have a full recap of my Whole 30 experience later this week. I'm super excited to see what my final measurements are!
In other exciting news, Ernest and I are off for a quick (much needed!) trip to Phoenix this weekend!! I couldn't take any time off so I'll fly back Sunday while Ernest enjoys some guy time with his buddy for a couple more days (lucky!). It will be our first solo trip away without Autumn, the longest we've been away from her at one time and I may be freaking out about it already! Eeeep! In reality it's only one night and two full days but I'm still going to miss her like crazy. I'm sure a margarita by the pool enjoying the sunny 80 degree weather will help :P

Happy Tuesday!

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