Easter Eggs, Bubbles and More

Those three words pretty much sum up our entire weekend. Lots of Easter eggs, bubbles and 'more, more, more'!
We colored Easter eggs Saturday night. Which mostly involved Autumn chucking the eggs into the bowl, splashing color everywhere and then laughing hysterically. She was very proud of herself. Then it was always 'more, more' after she was done with one egg.
I planned Easter egg coloring right before bathtime. One of my smarter moments.
The Easter Bunny brought all kinds of goodies! Probably a little too many but hey, she's only a kid once, right???
She got some sandbox toys, chalk, a little purse, a crochet doll I made, some books, a stuffed kitty, some sippy cups and plasticware from Ikea. What did she go for first? The sippy cups and spoons! We filled those cups up not less than two minutes after she got her Easter basket!

The kitty was a close second.
We headed to my parents early to help cook and get ready for Easter lunch. I made cauliflower rice and roasted garlic asparagus. Yum! After we stuffed ourselves with tons of yummy food, it was egg hiding time.
Note: Since my computer died a few weeks ago I've been using my Dad's old computer. So old that it won't read my camera when I try downloading all the wonderful pictures I took. So, there is no proof of half our day on my iPhone. Time to get a new computer...
We were looking at the fancy camera...
My two little cousins, Alan and Kaleb, also helped look for eggs. They are both much older than Autumn tho so we had hard eggs for the boys and the easy ones for her. Although, they got super excited and just started grabbing them all! Autumn didn't mind :) She got plenty of eggs filled with Doc McStuffins band-aids (NOT a hit with the boys! lol), hair bows, socks, Goldfish and bubbles. My puzzle idea was a total bust since the pieces were way too big for the eggs! Womp womp.

After the egg hunt was over, my Dad had Autumns mega bubble machine ready to go. It blows out tons of bubbles at once. To say Autumn was mesmerized would be an understatement! She didn't know what to do with all those bubbles. But as soon as it was turned off all she kept saying was 'more, more, peeez.' Such a doll.

We thought she'd be down for the count once we got home but her car power nap had her ready to go again. We played with her new chalk and hid eggs again. She was not having it with the eggs once she realized there wasn't anything in them, haha! We migrated towards the sandbox until it was bedtime.
She'd rather cruise without pants at home! haha

We had such a fun filled Easter weekend with our little bunny! Holiday's with kids are truly special!

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