Gelato Fixes Everything

I've been avoiding taking Autumn to get her blood work done for weeks now. It's just to check her vitamin levels because the doctor was a little concerned at her 18 month visit.
After yesterday, I know why I was avoiding it. I thought they'd do the heel prick like in those wee early days. Nope. She's big girl status now and had to get her blood drawn like you and I. Gasp! 

The guy doing it didn't seem super confident. He ended up having to get someone to help hold her arm. She was great this whole time while this idiot tried to find her vein. Pricked her, screaming, no blood. He missed. You can bet I had more than a few four letter words for him. 

Autumn finally calmed down, another lady came in, felt around for her veins. Then the lady came in (why she wasn't there in the first place is beyond me!). Before she even touched Autumn she was in full out scream mode because she knew what was coming. 

Luckily she drew blood on the first try but it was not coming out very fast, at all. The lady asked if Autumn was dehydrated. Ummmm...I have no clue, she's a toddler, she has water at all times but how do you know that?! Poor Autumn was hysterical at this point. Screaming, crying, looking up at me like please stop this! I was getting teary eyed watching my poor babe. What was probably a few minutes felt like an eternity. I think the girl finally gave up when she realized she just wasn't going to get an entire vile of blood.

Autumn was still super upset until we walked out. It was horrible. I pray we never have to do that again for a very long time. My heart breaks for any child and parent who has to deal with medical issues on the regular. I couldn't even imagine that.

I took Autumn for gelato at Frost (soooo good!) and it helped. A little pineapple gelato and she was perfectly fine. I, on the other hand, took a little longer to recover, haha! Here's hoping her test results come out fine (which, I'm sure they will)!

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  1. Poor sweet girl! I imagine that was super rough on you guys!