Happy Half-Birthday Autumn!

Yup, I'm that cheesy. Half-birthday's are totally a real thing. She actually turned 18 months a few days ago but I was waiting until we went to the doctors for all the good stuff...except shots, they always suck. She cried for 15 seconds until she saw the band aids had puppies and started panting like a dog. Totally normal. 
Eating a snack in the refrigerator is also totally normal in these parts. 

 30.75 inches (41st percentile). 21.5 lbs. (19th percentile). 19 inch head circumfrance (94th percentile!) Baby genius? 
We had a minor scare at the doctors when her height first came back. They re-measured her and she was right on target, whew! For a second I thought she was going to get my short girl genes!

 Still a mix of 12, 12-18 and some 18 month. I finally cleaned out all of her teeny tiny clothes 
::cue the tears::

 Rough at the beginning of the month, she had finally gotten back on a better schedule, then we went out of town. This morning she was up at 5:30am. Fingers crossed she goes back to 7am!
Sometimes Elmo goes to bed with her
 This has been the most improved area recently. She is eating SO much and quite often! Still no meat. We're taking her for some blood work this week, per doctors orders, to make sure she's getting what she needs since she's so picky. We also had to cut out ALL acidic foods because of horrible diaper rash. So far it's helped. The doctor said if there aren't more issues with it in the next month, we'll start adding back stuff one at a time to see what she's sensitive to. Starting with cheese which will make this little girl super happy!

Her favs are: coconut yogurt with almond butter, banana's cooked in coconut oil, roasted asparagus with lots of garlic salt, avocado and any/all carbs!
 Still only 6 that are fully popped out. The molar from hell is still half in, two incisors (which are not canines as I was corrected at the doctors! face in palm), and one other baby tooth at the bottom.
 She caught another little cold a couple weeks ago that was passed onto Ernest and I making for a miserable week. Other than that, doing great!

Aside from constant toddler babble, she's started to say phrases: go caca (her Gigi taught her this!), thank you, right there, lets go. 

She pretty much copies everything else we say. Most often she's saying: more, peeezzz (please), oh-p (open), ish (fish) and shaking her little finger and going nooo, nooo, nooo.

Firecracker. That pretty much sums it up. She is one determined, independent, feisty little girl on one hand and the sweetest, most loving, caring girl on the other.
It seems like everyday she's learning something new. She blew me away the other day when she was watching Super Why and they asked what letter was on the screen and she shouted out 'D!' which was exactly what was on that screen. Say what?! It truly is amazing how she is growing and learning so much. We're so proud of her!

The other day she went in her room and was super quiet. We went in and she was sitting on her rug reading a book! She loves her books!! 

Bubbles. Oh the bubbles. They stay hidden otherwise I'd pass out from all the bubbles I'd be blowing.  Doing downward dog. She does it in the kitchen, on the rugs, over her balls, over balloons. Which brings me to...balloons. We went to Old Navy the other day where they have tons of balloons. She threw a fit when another kid had a balloon and then again when we wouldn't give her all the balloons. See above under 'Personality'.
She loves 'mugga, mugga' kisses, using my hair as a paintbrush to tickle her nose or mine then laughing hysterically, putting on makeup, lotion and chap stick.
Eating chapstick. Really?!
Being outside! This kid would live outside if we let her! She loves mimicking the birds, dogs and watching the butterflies go by. 

 Being clothed. Diaper changes. Putting the bubbles away. Going inside. Sharing. Other kids. We need to get her around more kids stat!

We have so much fun with Autumn! Her personality is so fun and constantly developing. It's awesome to see how she is becoming her own little person each day. 
I just love her to the moon (and beyond)!! 



  1. I'm curious what blood work was ordered. My daughter is WAAAAYYYYY more picky than Autumn. Maybe it is something I need to look into also.

  2. Happy half birthday! My toddler is also seriously into bubbles, balloons and eating chapstick! :) Yep.