Our Weekend (not in pictures)

Do you ever have those days (or weekends) where you do lots but have like 2 pictures to show for it? Yeah, happens to me way more than I'd like to admit. If you don't have a picture, did it really happen?!

Anyways, after I got my haircut on Saturday, my Twinkie, Stacy, and her family, Brad and Chase, came over for a visit. Their little man is 4 months old and absolutely adorable! We're already plotting his and Autumn's future marriage ;) Autumn will be the cougar in the sitch! haha. She was really interested in him and all the little noises he was making, especially when he was screaming! She made the funniest face and went 'ooooh!'.
Getting two babes to look at the camera at the same time, impossible!
After they left, Autumn painted, took a nap and I made Neiman Marcus Bars. These things are to die for! If you are on any kind of diet, run (don't walk) from these bars before they make you eat them all! Ernest's parents came over so we could celebrate his mom's birthday.Then I sent her home will every last crumb of those bars so I wouldn't be tempted. Totally normal.
Sunday made me feel like I was back in college (minus the hangover, plus a kid). Up bright and early and headed to my parents house to do some laundry. That's right, laundry. The lint trap in our dryer broke and has been causing a mess ever since. So not only do my black yoga pants have little banana hand prints all over them but now they have me looking like Fozzie Bear. As much as I wanted to ruin all our clothes with lint ::eye roll:: Hence, doing laundry at my parents. Thankfully our new washer/dryer will be here soon!! You really don't realize how much you need a washer/dryer until you're without one. #firstworldproblems

At my parents, we had a great time...
Making a very colorful breakfast
Playing dress-up with Grandma's jewelry
And making copycat Lara Bars. I'll be doing a separate post on these soon :)

I've been wanting to get 18 month pictures of Autumn since she has changed SO much from her 12 month photos. My parents got me a mini photo sesh with my mini as an early Mother's Day present! Since we rarely have any photos of just Autumn and I, it'll be awesome to have some special moments captured. I am so super excited to take them on Sunday! I think I found our outfits, just need a few more pieces...like a necklace, belt and a bow for Autumn's hair.

Sorry for the super dark closet picture!
Happy Tuesday!

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