Parent's Weekend Out

In only 3 2 hours and 13 minutes until I get to see my little munchkin Autumn! We missed her like crazy!! All we did was talk about her, shop for her and look at our cute videos of her. Ok, well that's not all we did...
Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we headed out early Saturday morning. The drive was actually ok and didn't seem too long. I even managed to eat Whole 30 while we were road tripping (more about that later). 
Our friends we stayed with work nights and sleep late so we had time to kill once we got to Scottsdale. And by time to kill I mean we patio drank our way through Scottsdale! I can't remember the last time we went patio drinking or had so much fun!

The rest of the day was spent grabbing lunch with our friends, hanging by the pool followed by a trip to IKEA. We got there super late so I had to hurry up. We got most of the things I wanted, except for the little art table for Autumn :( We simply didn't have enough room in the car for it. Ernest did promise we'd go back to get it. I'm going to hold him to that!!
We were super excited to get sushi at RA. We ended up going to the one closer to Ikea rather than our usual spot. Holy disappointment! It was honestly the worst sushi and service we'd ever had. I think grocery store sushi is better!! Naturally we made it up by hanging by the pool that night.

Sunday we had the opportunity to sleep in. So naturally I'm up by 7:30 while everyone else was just snoozing. I hung out by the pool and filled some Etsy orders. I love the way this basket turned out!
Then it was brunch at this local place called Butters. We waited a good 45 minutes but, oh man, well worth the wait! Best.brunch.ever!!! After we were stuffed to the brim with pancakes (definitely not Whole 30!) we decided the pool was the place to be. We enjoyed the gorgeous day, sunny weather, beers and a little game of corn hole. I did not enjoy getting sunburned, however.
Sunday Bunday

A trip to AZ would not be complete without some In-and-Out! It did not disappoint. Did a little shopping in Tempe then it was off to the airport for me.

My flight was delayed 45 minutes, I waited for an eternity to get on a flight standby, to no avail. Didn't get home til 1am, bed at 2, my alarm didn't go off and I am dog tired today! I may or may not be way too old for that quick of a trip!! lol.

OH, and because I know you're waiting on the edge of your seats to know my Whole 30 results. Drumroll please...I lost a whopping ONE POUND!!! Womp womp! How is that possible?! I cut out literally everything except for meat and veggies! Whatever. The amazing part is I lost a total of ELEVEN INCHES off my body!!! Goes to show you that scale is a lying bastard who cannot (and will not) be trusted. I'm loving the way I feel on Whole 30 and the benefits have been amazing! I'm going to continue doing it with a small interlude for Easter day. This weekend was a true testament that I cannot eat 'normal' without feeling like total crap. While I had a lot of fun, I definitely think I need more time on Whole 30. I had an entire post about my results but honestly, it's kinda boring. If you are interested, email me and I can give you more info/tips on how to do Whole 30.
Pudgy water feet :/
My mom is bringing Autumn by to see me soon! I cannot wait!!!

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  1. Oh Ra in Tempe is the worst! Totally agree. I think we have similar taste in food Jessica. We love Butter's. The wait always sucks like you said. We went once while I was pregnant and it was brutal but I was so glad we waited. Glad to hear you had a good time while visiting AZ.