Toddler Easter Egg Hunt

Know what a busy, hyper, everywhere toddler doesn't need? Easter eggs filled to the brim with candy! For our Easter egg hunt, I want something a little more interactive and fun and a little less sugar covered. There will surely be some eggs filled with some 'rabbit tails' aka marshmallows (Autumn's favorite) but everything else will be a little different and I know she'll just love it!
//puzzle// bubbles // balloon // band-aids // stickers // magic grow tabs // kinetic sand // finger crayons // Target dollar section //

Autumn will love this Kinetic Sand (which is absolutely awesome!), some finger crayons to go with a coloring book the Easter Bunny will bring, bubbles- need I say more, grow tablets that I loved as a kid, balloons- again, enough said, cute band-aids and of course stickers. I love (love!) the idea of putting puzzle pieces in different eggs then putting the puzzle together later!

You could also fill the eggs with blueberries, grapes, Happy Puffs...or, for the man in your life, Fruity Pebble Rice Krispy treats!
And, lets be real, I'm going to be hitting up the $2 mega-pack of plastic Easter eggs for the majority of the hunt. But, I will also get some of these fancier ones for the bigger toys, like the vintage eggs, faceted eggs or the mother of all eggs...the golden egg! How awesome would it be to find the golden egg?! The Easter Bunny may have to sneak this one in...for the kids, not for me, the kids...
I cannot wait for Autumn to find all of her eggs! I know she'll have the best time!

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  1. I can't wait to hide eggs for Mac this year too! He was too little last year, but I think he'll really get a kick out of it this time. I must get a golden egg, too! Great ideas for the Easter basket. Love the finger crayons and sand.