Weekend Fun

We started the weekend off right by heading straight to the opening night of our hometown baseball team. Our friends have a suite which was perfect for a busy little toddler who needs to run around everywhere. Autumn had the best time. Maybe ever. 
She was dancing, waving to everyone, climbing everything, 'ooo'ing at the birds, clapping, and yelling. Ernest got her a little baseball hat cup of Dip N Dots and she ate it all!!! It was more like shoveled it down. By the 7th inning she was running on pure sugar.
 The lights went out on the field in the 3rd inning for a good 45 minutes so the game went pretty late. Everyone else left early so we had the entire suite to ourselves! Boom! 
She was so tired when we got home that she was fast asleep. I was even able to put her pajamas on without her even waking up!! Little babe danced her heart out!
Can you tell they are both thrilled to take this picture?
You'd think her going to bed so late that she'd sleep in, right? Nope. At 5:45 she was up and super grumpy pants! She is going through this really lovely stage of not wanting anything. We'll hold her and she wants down, then she gets pissed and wants you to hold her. This pretty much goes for everything. It's not all the time, but when she gets in these little fits it's pretty hard on all of us. Oh the joys of toddler-hood. These are probably things a Mom shouldn't say but...I'm human and my guess is there are a few other mama's going through this :)

Autumn did not pull out of her funk all morning (even after we watched Frozen and I made her blueberry pancakes!) so Ernest took her to color Easter eggs with her Aunt and cousins while I got my hair done. Which, btw, turned out awesome! We did a sort of ombré but less drastic and more summery. I love it!
Ernest's parents wanted to take Autumn shopping and to dinner Saturday afternoon. They got her a sweet little turtle sandbox!! We set it up that night and she LOVES it! We're going to have so much fun!

While Autumn was away, we hit up a tequila and taco place in our neighborhood with some friends. Sadly, the service was terrible and the food wasn't great. Womp womp. But the atmosphere was awesome and so was the weather! Then we went to the car show (such a boy thing to do right? Not my choice) and drooled over the new Mustang Ernest wants and I found some nice SUV's for myself. Saturday night we played in the sandbox until the sun went down!

Thank goodness Sunday wasn't my turn to wake up early because Autumn was up at 4am!!! Once I woke up at 7, we let Ernest sleep in a bit and took a drive to Starbucks for some iced coffee, a croissant for Autumn and a Puppacino for Jack. The plan was to take Jack for a walk but the stroller was hidden in the garage and my trunk looks like a hoarder lives in there so we just went to the park instead. Usually this park is bumping with tons of kids, parents and dogs. This time: nobody was there. Granted, it was like 8am but it was glorious!
 I let Autumn run around like a mad-woman, Jack could sniff everything he wanted and I enjoyed the quiet. It was one of the best morning we've had in recent memory...we played on the swings, Autumn went on the slide a million times and played in the sand til her shoes were filled to the brim.

Once we got back and ready, it was off to breakfast and a little early Easter egg hunt. Autumn could not get enough of egg hunting! Everytime she would see an egg she'd go 'ooooo, yaaaaaay!'. Everytime. We re-hid them for her at least 5 times! The weather was gorgeous and we all had such a good time being outside and enjoying this little lady!
Weekends like this make it SOOOO hard to go back to work on Monday. We're looking forward to Easter this weekend! I'll have a roundup of Ernest and Autumn's Easter baskets later this week!

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  1. Why is it that toddler can't sleep in after a late night of fun?? Gets me every time!! Your hair looks great.