Dreaming in Neon

I'm loving all the bright colors of summer, especially neon's. I fell in love with the multi-color romper Autumn wore for her 18 month photos and have been obsessed with all things bright ever since!

We didn't have this exact outfit but how adorable is Autumn in this romper? It is seriously my favorite. I need to get more rompers for her because chubby baby legs and chubby arms are just too cute!
I couldn't leave out the boys. Boys clothes have seriously come a long way in the style department! I'd love to dress a little man in this outfit!


A Long Weekend

We had a much needed, long weekend and it was fabulous! Ok, not all of it but I'll get to that in a sec. Last week was pretty crazy with a work deadline and a very ill Grandpa. Tuesday night we made the four hour drive to see him. He is such a fighter and was able to go home yesterday after a very scary few days. He has a long recovery ahead of him but we're cheering him on! Anyhow, our weekend...
Friday we took our gal to the aquarium and botanic garden. Autumn loved splashing in the water fountains, running around and quacking at the ducks. The butterfly garden was open and was the highlight of the park. Autumn waved hello to every butterfly she could see! She was just so excited.
Saturday morning Ernest decided to clean out the garage, which meant I wanted to get away as fast as possible (I hate garage cleaning, yuck!). Autumn and I hightailed it to the farmer's market. It was opening weekend and it did not disappoint! I got some more plants for our little garden...
In the afternoon we took the red velvet cake I got Ernest from Nothing Bundt Cake to celebrate his birthday with his Grandparents. This is where things turned south. We had lunch followed by birthday cake, played outside then left to go home. About halfway home, Autumn started crying which is so not like her. As soon as I turned around to see what was wrong, projectile vomit everywhere! We were on the freeway and had to wait for a safe place to stop while she kept getting sick, which was only like 30 seconds but felt like an eternity. We stripped her down and cleaned up as much as possible until we could get home. She kept getting sick in the meantime. We finally got home and I popped her in the bath. She seemed ok and hadn't gotten sick anymore. Ernest and I had plans to celebrate his b-day so my parents came over (before Autumn was sick). Since she wasn't getting sick anymore we thought it'd be ok to go. My mom was holding her, she started crying, then sick again all over my poor Mom and the floor. Poor baby. Cleaned her up and she fell asleep in seconds. My parents convinced us to go since she was asleep for the night. We didn't stay long and shortly after we got home I heard Autumn crying and ran to her room. I was holding her and all of a sudden she threw up in the space between us and kept throwing up. Cleaned us up again, cuddled and she was out for the night. Thankfully that was the last of it and she got a good nights sleep. My poor, poor baby. It was heartbreaking watching her be so sick with nothing we could do.
After we were all cleaned up and she was put to sleep, I told Ernest I felt like we deserved our parents wings, like the kind you get on your first plane ride, because nothing says parenthood like being barfed on for the first time! Haha. We think she just had way too much stuff on Saturday or ate something bad. She was much better Sunday except for not wanting anything but toast, I don't blame her! After 3 hours of taking apart the car seat, cleaning every inch of that thing and scrubbing down the car, we were all fully recovered from Saturday night!
We headed down to see the baby cow Ernest's fam brought down from their ranch. The poor mama had some major complications and was really sick. The baby was just the cutest thing you ever did see (enter Southern drawl)! Unfortunately the mama cow didn't make it and passed away on Sunday night :( Now they're doing everything they can to help that little calf survive. Autumn got to feed her today!
Monday (really long weekend!) was a bit of a chore day in the morning but then we headed to my parents house for a BBQ. We ate, played with bubbles and visited. Ernest and I went for a long drive while Autumn played. Then it was back to reality and back to the grind.
It felt like a very full, fun but restful weekend. We ate way too much, I watched an embarrassing amount of Grey's Anatomy and we enjoyed every minute we had together...except for that puking part, nobody enjoyed that! Now if only every weekend was 4 days!


Mama + Mini Photoshoot

A few weekends ago Autumn and I had some photos taken as an early Mother's Day present from my parents (they are the best!). I really wanted her silly personality captured along with some photos of her and I since I'm usually the one behind the camera iPhone.
We did our photos at this elementary school along the river. It was the perfect backdrop for our busy little toddler. They had these really cool giant faces made out of sticks. It reminded me of something out of Where the Wild Things Are!
Photo by my Mom. Isn't it cool?!
Going in, I was a little afraid we were going to have a major meltdown since we'd had a weekend full of them already. But nope, she did really great. Now for photo overload...
I am absolutely pleased with how they turned out! Adrienne, of Playonlight Photography, captured her little personality wonderfully! Autumn was so comfortable with the camera and the photographer. Such a little ham she was chasing the camera, playing with ducks, sticks and a little pinwheel.
My mom even got in on the action. I love how their pictures came out!!

These days are going by way too quickly and I'm so glad we were able to capture these moments and this age with Autumn.


Our Weekend and Mothers Day

We started our Saturday bright and early since Ernest had to go into work, boo. A trip to Target was in order, followed by coffee for me and donuts for Autumn and a trip to the park. We drove super out of the way to go to this park but it was so worth it. It's in the foothills, so pretty and was completely empty.
Autumn was dunking her donuts like a pro, we went for a walk and she played in the sand. 
The rest of the day we did some grocery shopping, got a visit from Grandpa and played in the sandbox until the sun went down.
Mothers Day was great. I slept in, then was woken by the two cutest little messengers with flowers, the sweetest card and my favorite cup of Starbucks coffee. My gift was getting my window's tinted on the 'new' car. Ernest got them done a couple weeks ago and they are the perfect shade of gangsta! Oh the silly things we want as adults, haha.

We had lots of Grandmas and Moms to see so we headed out early to make the rounds. First stop was Gigi and Tots...
Then a BBQ with the rest of the fam...
She of course had to see the cows...
Ernest just got us new bikes to ride around the neighborhood. So we had to take them for a spin. It's been ages since I rode a bike that I was a little afraid I would fall off and break something. Thing is, it really is like riding a bike and you just pick up right where you left off! Now to get a seat and helmet for Autumn! I can't wait to ride them around our neighborhood...and to the local bars! Haha.

My mom was visiting my Grandparents this weekend because my Grandpa has been really sick. So we didn't get to spend the day together but thankfully she stopped by the house on her way home. She loved her paraffin hand/foot dip machine I got her and the cute necklace we made. All the Grandma's got a necklace with Autumn's initial and a homemade card using pictures from our photoshoot last weekend. I'm pretty sure they loved them!

The rest of the evening was spent playing with our gal outside while she sang to us and did a little dance for at least ten minutes. It was the cutest/funniest thing. She was so serious would do her whole song and dance, a spin then would start clapping and yell 'yayyyy' for herself! Oh how I wish we knew what she was saying!
Autumn's favorite saying lately is 'hiiii Mama'. It doesn't even have to be directed at me, it's just always Mama, Mama, Mama. I LOVE hearing her say it one million times a day. It never gets old. She really is the greatest gift I've ever received and I feel so lucky to be her Mama.
Hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day!


Mother's Day Gift Jar

Mother's Day is quickly creeping up and maybe you're still looking for some last minute gift ideas. This is a perfect little Mother's Day Gift Jar for those mom-friends in your life just to show you care :) You can quickly put this together but it's full of thoughtfulness and sure to bring a smile to her face.

All you need are a few things to fill the jar (bonus points if they somewhat color coordinate)!
//one// A large mason jar or some type of glass jar
//two// A bag of her favorite type of candy, cookies, gum, etc.
//three// Nail polish, a cool bronzer or a fun eyeshadow
//four// Fav travel size lotion, Chapstick...miniatures...
//five// Keepsake to remind them of that little bundle of joy. A Charm bracelet, necklace, keychain. Just something fun.
Fill the jar with the candy first, then neatly place all the other items so it looks cohesive. I found these cute ceramic tags at Target that can be written on. Done and done! Guaranteed to make any mom in your life smile with joy!
Someone's little hand kept trying to snag everything out of the jar!
Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely Mama's in my life and to all of you Mama's out in blogland! I hope you are spoiled to the brim this weekend!!

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19 Months

It seriously feels like I just wrote her 18 month update! Time flies when you're having fun?! 
She is...tall. No clue on her weight. I'm guessing not much different from last time.

Definitely at 18 month clothes. Some 12 month stuff fits but is usually too short. 

Good for most of the month until last week when she was feverish/teething/cold or whatever she has/had. This week she's been back to her normal sleeping pattern. Thank heavens!

Still doing much better than before. She has even been eating hot dogs lately! There is only one brand I've found that I can eat, Applegate, and she will eat those like they're going out of style. She also loves fruit, especially pineapple and watermelon. I think she had 3 huge slices at the birthday party alone! She has some coconut yogurt with almond butter at almost every meal.
Made the mistake of giving her an Oreo before bed. Never.Again.
Those bastards. She now has 3 HUGE molars and 6-1/2 regular teeth with many more just surfacing

We are not certain she has a cold or if it's due to those molars coming in. Either way, she's been feeling crappy the last week and had a fever a few days last week. I'm pretty sure there should be a doctors office where you can take your kid in no matter what. Paranoid Mother's MD or something like that. This whole 'only if they have a temp over 102' is just crap!
isss mine, tant you (thank you- even when she's been sick she's had manners!), peeezzz (please), right der (right there), hep me (help me), there is, and, my favorite, hey guy! Where she picked this up is beyond us but it's the funniest/cutest thing! She's also saying a million single words too. My fav is wawa (water). Noooo has to be the word we hear the most! You wanna take a bath? Nooooo (with a finger shake), do you want dinner? Noooo. Do you want a donut? Yessss, peeezzz. Cracks us up! Also, anything round is automatically an ah-pulll (apple). When I correct her and say 'egg' she pants like Jack?! No clue. LOL.

She's never really been one to call me Mom or Mama...until this week. She has been saying 'hi Mom, hi Mama' like crazy. We were looking at pics of us and she kept says 'thesss Mama'. Heart melted. 

Autumn is still so loving, sweet and such a blast, but...I think we can officially say we've hit terrible two's. She is easily set off and will go into full on tantrum mode. Crying, screaming, hand over her mouth all out theatrics. The other day I made her a half almond butter and jelly sandwich. She was trying to eat the crust end but it was too thick so I turned it around for her so she could bite it better. Well this turned into WWIII. She was SOOOO mad and crying and slapping the sandwich away then refused to eat it at all. Needless to say, she had a cool off period after that. It seems these tantrums only happen with Ernest and I, seriously?! 
This face
Going for 'waaa' (walks), being outside, bubbles, anything Ernest or I have, our cell phones, my jewelry, painting, playing with my hair, coloring, pretending to crochet with me, and a million other things. 
Diaper changes! I think it may be time to start potty training soon. Somehow, this terrifies me! Sandwiches from the non-crust side ;) being told no. Bath time. No clue why but the last few times she's needed a bath she throws a fit! One time I just had to wash her standing up while she was full on crying it out.  Sharing! We're working on this but it's definitely not her favorite.
Keeping it real, the last couple weeks have been trying. With tantrums in full force, our patience has been tested countless times...a day. We are trying to be understanding of all the developmental changes Autumn is going through and that she's finding her independence and growing. But, we are human and sometimes want to meltdown right there with her! Haha. It's all a great big learning process for us all and we are grateful for every single meltdown day with her!