19 Months

It seriously feels like I just wrote her 18 month update! Time flies when you're having fun?! 
She is...tall. No clue on her weight. I'm guessing not much different from last time.

Definitely at 18 month clothes. Some 12 month stuff fits but is usually too short. 

Good for most of the month until last week when she was feverish/teething/cold or whatever she has/had. This week she's been back to her normal sleeping pattern. Thank heavens!

Still doing much better than before. She has even been eating hot dogs lately! There is only one brand I've found that I can eat, Applegate, and she will eat those like they're going out of style. She also loves fruit, especially pineapple and watermelon. I think she had 3 huge slices at the birthday party alone! She has some coconut yogurt with almond butter at almost every meal.
Made the mistake of giving her an Oreo before bed. Never.Again.
Those bastards. She now has 3 HUGE molars and 6-1/2 regular teeth with many more just surfacing

We are not certain she has a cold or if it's due to those molars coming in. Either way, she's been feeling crappy the last week and had a fever a few days last week. I'm pretty sure there should be a doctors office where you can take your kid in no matter what. Paranoid Mother's MD or something like that. This whole 'only if they have a temp over 102' is just crap!
isss mine, tant you (thank you- even when she's been sick she's had manners!), peeezzz (please), right der (right there), hep me (help me), there is, and, my favorite, hey guy! Where she picked this up is beyond us but it's the funniest/cutest thing! She's also saying a million single words too. My fav is wawa (water). Noooo has to be the word we hear the most! You wanna take a bath? Nooooo (with a finger shake), do you want dinner? Noooo. Do you want a donut? Yessss, peeezzz. Cracks us up! Also, anything round is automatically an ah-pulll (apple). When I correct her and say 'egg' she pants like Jack?! No clue. LOL.

She's never really been one to call me Mom or Mama...until this week. She has been saying 'hi Mom, hi Mama' like crazy. We were looking at pics of us and she kept says 'thesss Mama'. Heart melted. 

Autumn is still so loving, sweet and such a blast, but...I think we can officially say we've hit terrible two's. She is easily set off and will go into full on tantrum mode. Crying, screaming, hand over her mouth all out theatrics. The other day I made her a half almond butter and jelly sandwich. She was trying to eat the crust end but it was too thick so I turned it around for her so she could bite it better. Well this turned into WWIII. She was SOOOO mad and crying and slapping the sandwich away then refused to eat it at all. Needless to say, she had a cool off period after that. It seems these tantrums only happen with Ernest and I, seriously?! 
This face
Going for 'waaa' (walks), being outside, bubbles, anything Ernest or I have, our cell phones, my jewelry, painting, playing with my hair, coloring, pretending to crochet with me, and a million other things. 
Diaper changes! I think it may be time to start potty training soon. Somehow, this terrifies me! Sandwiches from the non-crust side ;) being told no. Bath time. No clue why but the last few times she's needed a bath she throws a fit! One time I just had to wash her standing up while she was full on crying it out.  Sharing! We're working on this but it's definitely not her favorite.
Keeping it real, the last couple weeks have been trying. With tantrums in full force, our patience has been tested countless times...a day. We are trying to be understanding of all the developmental changes Autumn is going through and that she's finding her independence and growing. But, we are human and sometimes want to meltdown right there with her! Haha. It's all a great big learning process for us all and we are grateful for every single meltdown day with her!

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  1. Right there with you girl with the tantrums. Don't know how I make it to work some days!