A Long Weekend

We had a much needed, long weekend and it was fabulous! Ok, not all of it but I'll get to that in a sec. Last week was pretty crazy with a work deadline and a very ill Grandpa. Tuesday night we made the four hour drive to see him. He is such a fighter and was able to go home yesterday after a very scary few days. He has a long recovery ahead of him but we're cheering him on! Anyhow, our weekend...
Friday we took our gal to the aquarium and botanic garden. Autumn loved splashing in the water fountains, running around and quacking at the ducks. The butterfly garden was open and was the highlight of the park. Autumn waved hello to every butterfly she could see! She was just so excited.
Saturday morning Ernest decided to clean out the garage, which meant I wanted to get away as fast as possible (I hate garage cleaning, yuck!). Autumn and I hightailed it to the farmer's market. It was opening weekend and it did not disappoint! I got some more plants for our little garden...
In the afternoon we took the red velvet cake I got Ernest from Nothing Bundt Cake to celebrate his birthday with his Grandparents. This is where things turned south. We had lunch followed by birthday cake, played outside then left to go home. About halfway home, Autumn started crying which is so not like her. As soon as I turned around to see what was wrong, projectile vomit everywhere! We were on the freeway and had to wait for a safe place to stop while she kept getting sick, which was only like 30 seconds but felt like an eternity. We stripped her down and cleaned up as much as possible until we could get home. She kept getting sick in the meantime. We finally got home and I popped her in the bath. She seemed ok and hadn't gotten sick anymore. Ernest and I had plans to celebrate his b-day so my parents came over (before Autumn was sick). Since she wasn't getting sick anymore we thought it'd be ok to go. My mom was holding her, she started crying, then sick again all over my poor Mom and the floor. Poor baby. Cleaned her up and she fell asleep in seconds. My parents convinced us to go since she was asleep for the night. We didn't stay long and shortly after we got home I heard Autumn crying and ran to her room. I was holding her and all of a sudden she threw up in the space between us and kept throwing up. Cleaned us up again, cuddled and she was out for the night. Thankfully that was the last of it and she got a good nights sleep. My poor, poor baby. It was heartbreaking watching her be so sick with nothing we could do.
After we were all cleaned up and she was put to sleep, I told Ernest I felt like we deserved our parents wings, like the kind you get on your first plane ride, because nothing says parenthood like being barfed on for the first time! Haha. We think she just had way too much stuff on Saturday or ate something bad. She was much better Sunday except for not wanting anything but toast, I don't blame her! After 3 hours of taking apart the car seat, cleaning every inch of that thing and scrubbing down the car, we were all fully recovered from Saturday night!
We headed down to see the baby cow Ernest's fam brought down from their ranch. The poor mama had some major complications and was really sick. The baby was just the cutest thing you ever did see (enter Southern drawl)! Unfortunately the mama cow didn't make it and passed away on Sunday night :( Now they're doing everything they can to help that little calf survive. Autumn got to feed her today!
Monday (really long weekend!) was a bit of a chore day in the morning but then we headed to my parents house for a BBQ. We ate, played with bubbles and visited. Ernest and I went for a long drive while Autumn played. Then it was back to reality and back to the grind.
It felt like a very full, fun but restful weekend. We ate way too much, I watched an embarrassing amount of Grey's Anatomy and we enjoyed every minute we had together...except for that puking part, nobody enjoyed that! Now if only every weekend was 4 days!

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  1. Poor thing but at least it didn't last long.