Mama + Mini Photoshoot

A few weekends ago Autumn and I had some photos taken as an early Mother's Day present from my parents (they are the best!). I really wanted her silly personality captured along with some photos of her and I since I'm usually the one behind the camera iPhone.
We did our photos at this elementary school along the river. It was the perfect backdrop for our busy little toddler. They had these really cool giant faces made out of sticks. It reminded me of something out of Where the Wild Things Are!
Photo by my Mom. Isn't it cool?!
Going in, I was a little afraid we were going to have a major meltdown since we'd had a weekend full of them already. But nope, she did really great. Now for photo overload...
I am absolutely pleased with how they turned out! Adrienne, of Playonlight Photography, captured her little personality wonderfully! Autumn was so comfortable with the camera and the photographer. Such a little ham she was chasing the camera, playing with ducks, sticks and a little pinwheel.
My mom even got in on the action. I love how their pictures came out!!

These days are going by way too quickly and I'm so glad we were able to capture these moments and this age with Autumn.


  1. so sweet. i need to get a photoshoot in for my kaye and me. that would be awesome.

  2. Great photos! I bought that little romper for my little girl and can't wait to put it on her :)