Mother's Day Gift Jar

Mother's Day is quickly creeping up and maybe you're still looking for some last minute gift ideas. This is a perfect little Mother's Day Gift Jar for those mom-friends in your life just to show you care :) You can quickly put this together but it's full of thoughtfulness and sure to bring a smile to her face.

All you need are a few things to fill the jar (bonus points if they somewhat color coordinate)!
//one// A large mason jar or some type of glass jar
//two// A bag of her favorite type of candy, cookies, gum, etc.
//three// Nail polish, a cool bronzer or a fun eyeshadow
//four// Fav travel size lotion, Chapstick...miniatures...
//five// Keepsake to remind them of that little bundle of joy. A Charm bracelet, necklace, keychain. Just something fun.
Fill the jar with the candy first, then neatly place all the other items so it looks cohesive. I found these cute ceramic tags at Target that can be written on. Done and done! Guaranteed to make any mom in your life smile with joy!
Someone's little hand kept trying to snag everything out of the jar!
Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely Mama's in my life and to all of you Mama's out in blogland! I hope you are spoiled to the brim this weekend!!

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