Our Weekend and Mothers Day

We started our Saturday bright and early since Ernest had to go into work, boo. A trip to Target was in order, followed by coffee for me and donuts for Autumn and a trip to the park. We drove super out of the way to go to this park but it was so worth it. It's in the foothills, so pretty and was completely empty.
Autumn was dunking her donuts like a pro, we went for a walk and she played in the sand. 
The rest of the day we did some grocery shopping, got a visit from Grandpa and played in the sandbox until the sun went down.
Mothers Day was great. I slept in, then was woken by the two cutest little messengers with flowers, the sweetest card and my favorite cup of Starbucks coffee. My gift was getting my window's tinted on the 'new' car. Ernest got them done a couple weeks ago and they are the perfect shade of gangsta! Oh the silly things we want as adults, haha.

We had lots of Grandmas and Moms to see so we headed out early to make the rounds. First stop was Gigi and Tots...
Then a BBQ with the rest of the fam...
She of course had to see the cows...
Ernest just got us new bikes to ride around the neighborhood. So we had to take them for a spin. It's been ages since I rode a bike that I was a little afraid I would fall off and break something. Thing is, it really is like riding a bike and you just pick up right where you left off! Now to get a seat and helmet for Autumn! I can't wait to ride them around our neighborhood...and to the local bars! Haha.

My mom was visiting my Grandparents this weekend because my Grandpa has been really sick. So we didn't get to spend the day together but thankfully she stopped by the house on her way home. She loved her paraffin hand/foot dip machine I got her and the cute necklace we made. All the Grandma's got a necklace with Autumn's initial and a homemade card using pictures from our photoshoot last weekend. I'm pretty sure they loved them!

The rest of the evening was spent playing with our gal outside while she sang to us and did a little dance for at least ten minutes. It was the cutest/funniest thing. She was so serious would do her whole song and dance, a spin then would start clapping and yell 'yayyyy' for herself! Oh how I wish we knew what she was saying!
Autumn's favorite saying lately is 'hiiii Mama'. It doesn't even have to be directed at me, it's just always Mama, Mama, Mama. I LOVE hearing her say it one million times a day. It never gets old. She really is the greatest gift I've ever received and I feel so lucky to be her Mama.
Hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day!

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