20 Months and Little Miss Sassy Pants

Oh our girl, she is quite the firecracker! 
31 inches. She seems a lot taller and like she's growing by the minute!

Why oh why isn't there a size between 18 and 24 months?! She is still in 18 month clothes because 24 month clothes hang off of her. We could really use a 21 month size, just sayin. She moved up to a size 5 shoe. Baby big foot!

Like a champ! Back to her regular 8pm-7am schedule. Naps on the otherhand are pretty hit or miss. She needs two naps a day but hates to miss anything and will fight them as much as possible. It's a constant battle.

Great! She has been super hungry and eating everything in sight...including some chicken and hot dogs! She even had some pork roast the other day. Last night we had a rotisserie chicken and she ate half my plate and wanted 'mo, mo'. She is still picky for most things but is slowly venturing out.
10 teeth including 3 molars. She loves brushing her teeth, to the point where we have to hide our toothbrushes or she'll try getting them and gets pissed when we veto her.

Aside from the red velvet cake mishaps, she's been really healthy this month. Although, we are still battling severe diaper rash every few days. She definitely cannot have anything acidic especially tomatoes, strawberries or citrus fruit. Poor babes stomach just can't handle it.We need to prepare for potty training sooner than later.

oh wow, that's mine, come here Jack!, right there, where'd it go?, mama, n daddy, n elmo, n jack yay, 'awwwww' if she see's an animal, Jack or a baby, 'bebe, bebe, bebe', pointing her finger at you and saying 'now!'

Our little gal is one sassy pants! She's super bossy with Jack and will rest her hands on her knee's, clap and say 'come Jack'. Wonder where she gets that from? :/ If she doesn't get her way we are sure to know about it. So on one hand she is very strong willed and determined but when we're in new situations she's very quiet and shy. Just like Ernest and I...he's very outgoing and I can be quite shy. She is also such a caring little girl. She holds her baby, says shhhh and rocks her.
She's also been taking care of the 'bebe' calf and just loves her so much!

the baby cow (who remains nameless). She loves petting her, feeding her and yelling at her. Poor cow.
Pools, wa-wa, popsicles, and pulling out everything from my vanity and putting ALL my jewelry on.

My family from Colorado came to visit a few weekends ago and they brought their dog Sasha. She is the friendliest, sweetest, cutest little Pomeranian you ever met. Autumn fell in love with her! So every dog we see now is 'Shasha'. Including the little poodles on her jammies! 
Being outside is her favorite and so is swinging
She still loves when we whisper secrets to her and has now started to tell us secrets. She'll go 'pspspspspsps bubble'. LOL!
When we say 'all gone' or 'no more'.  Taking naps. When we try to help her with something. She is little miss independent!
This picture reminds me of Kim Kardashian's crying face! Hahaha

This kid cracks up us, keeps us on our toes and kills us with her cuteness. This stage/age has been incredibly fun! We're looking forward to some pool time and car washing time tonight, UFC Fight Night for us tomorrow and family time on Sunday!


  1. Oh my gosh! She is absolutely PRECIOUS! :) What a cutie! She and my son Jonah are similar in size. He will be 18 months old tomorrow :) I love all the pictures! And I totally agree about an in between size!

    - Breanna

  2. Love this update! That crying photo is priceless! She is such a cutie! She sounds a lot like Mac at that age, loves being outside and animals and brushing teeth! She's a doll.