A Typical Week Day

It seems like the weeks just keep flying by lately. Before I know it, we're already at Thursday and I'm left thinking 'where did the week go?'. I always like seeing how other people do their day to day and thought I'd share a typical day for us.
I need to start taking more pictures because I barely have any from the last few weeks! Sad!
5:30 5:45
I wake up (after hitting the snooze button way too many times) and get ready for the day. The rest of the house is still sleeping so I catch up on my Netflix marathons of good bad TV, currently that's Grey's Anatomy.

If I'm lucky, I'm heading out the door and everyone is still asleep. Lets be real though, I'm usually scrambling to leave at 6:47! Sometimes Jack will get up to tell me goodbye.

Ernest is either getting Autumn ready to head to Grandma's house or they're watching cartoons in bed and eating waffles (gross, I know) while they wait for either my mom, Gigi, other Grandma or Auntie Allison to get there so he can get ready and out the door.

I'm at work. I'll usually go run errands at lunch, work on Etsy stuff and occasionally grab lunch with a friend. During this time Autumn is either at our house with family where they mostly play outside all day long, go for walks, play with toys, color and harass poor Jack.

I'm home, exhausted and hot. I change and check the mail while I still have some extra hands. Then it's time to play for a while. We'll usually play with her toys or go outside. If it were Autumn's choice, we would probably live outside! I'll sometimes do a little picking up, laundry or we'll take a trip to Target/Whole Foods/park just to get out. Although, once I'm home, Autumn does not let me out of her sight...or her arms. She says 'I hold you' for me to hold her. Melt my heart! How can you say no to that?! Really, between 4:30-7:30 all the other 'stuff' gets pushed to the side and it's all about my girl.
That's sand from the sandbox! It's like the beach

Make Autumns dinner and hope she eats something from her plate. We've hit another food roadblock :/ I'll start our dinner which is currently something thrown on the grill. I love grilling season! I keep dinner super simple and make a meal plan the weekend before so I don't have to think about it.

Ernest's schedule is pretty unpredictable so, if he's home, we'll start eating around this time. If not, I'll eat so that Autumn will pick off my plate (funny how Mom's plate of food tastes so much better!). Then it's off for tons of splashes in the bath, getting ready for bed, reading a book or a few and winding down before bedtime.

If Ernest is home (seriously hate his work schedule!) he'll put Autumn down for bed. If not, I'll start and he usually gets home to spend a few minutes with her before it's off to sleepy land.

I'll workout while Ernest puts Autumn to bed and start his dinner if we're grilling. I'm a huge fan of the CrockPot so if dinner is already done, that's a total win!

Pack breakfast/lunch for all of us, prep dinner for the next day and dream about a bottomless margarita. Then it's off to the shower so I don't smell like a frat boy post workout.
We finally have a chance to relax, catchup and watch some TV. I'll also work on Etsy stuff, plot my escape from work and we'll pickup the playroom (which looks like a tornado hit!) while Ernest watches re-runs of Top Gear. There's still a million things to do but I force myself to bed way later than I should.

Our days are crazy and filled to the brim, but those magical hours between 4 til bedtime make all the craziness worth it! Having two full time working parents is no joke! There is no way on this earth we could do it without our amazing family! They are the key to making all this work...and coffee, lots and lots of coffee!

I have some VERY exciting stuff coming up for Bunny Autumn! Keep a lookout later this week for the good news!

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  1. It is nice to hear about others schedules. Thanks for sharing. We really could use your 930-11 but we can't manage to stay up past 930.