Catching Up

To say things have been crazy would be the understatement of the year! I've basically been tied to my desk at work, working on lots of exciting stuff for my Etsy shop, taking care of our sick pup, doing lots of summer things and chasing after one busy toddler! The best way to catch up (without boring you to tears) is through pictures...
Our new family member, Guppy (the blue betta, not Nemo or as Autumn says 'Nino'). Autumn is in LOVE with him, both of them! We hear 'I see' at least 800 times a day :)
He is the sweetest, friendliest little fish :)

Ernest and I had a night out at the UFC fights with a little BBQ before. Too much fun!
Chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. Game changer.
Lots of pool time. Sometime you are too excited to wait for swimsuits!

Our sick little baby Jack :( He gave us quite the scare last week but is doing much better and hopefully on the road to a full recovery.

Swimsuits are best worn over clothes. Water not necessary.

Trying everything to get me thru work deadlines. Cold brew coffee is where it's at. Ok, I love any coffee! 
Dancing in the rain.
Enjoying some antique shopping and the Farmer's Market
Taking Selfies...
And more selfies
Feeding the baby cow. She is the sweetest thing EVER! I wish we could take her home and she'd be little forever.
Watching the train go by and celebrating our main squeeze for Fathers Day. We love him to the moon!
There you have it, pretty much sums up the last couple weeks in a nutshell! Hopefully things slow down so we can enjoy more lazy days of summer, sigh. 

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