Summer Is Here!

We had some H O T weather this weekend? We survived it the best way we know how...lots of time outdoors, Popsicles and pool time.
Autumn had a birthday party to attend on Saturday afternoon. She refused her morning nap but naturally passed out as soon as we got in the car. When we got to the party she was still sleepy and being really shy. She usually is shy and quiet in new situations but eventually pulls out of it. Not this day. Finally when we were getting ready to leave, she warmed up to an adorable girl who was the same age. Watching kids 'play together' is so funny!
She was tuckered out after the party. While she napped, I setup her little pool we picked up from Target. She could not get enough of it! I had to pull her out to eat dinner at 6pm and she was not happy about it.
After struggling to pull Autumns swimsuit on and off, she needed a new one. I hitup Old Navy and they were having a great sale! I ended up finding her 3 swimsuits (all under $6!), a romper and some flip flops for $24! Score! It was a good thing we had extra swimsuits...
Autumn has had another bout of horrible diaper rash. I'm guessing the culprit was too much fruit on Saturday which caused it. Anyhow, I decided to let her air out in the pool sans diaper. Big mistake. My dad spotted the full bottoms and sure enough...yuck! I won't be making that mistake again!! OH wait, except I did...I figured since she already did business she'd be good. Until she was playing with some toys outside of the pool and left a giant puddle! Such a country girl! The hose did the job this time! I think we need to start thinking about potty training soon...
Once we recovered, we had some homemade popsicles. I just blended some strawberries, coconut milk and OJ. They were so good! Next up is pineapple, banana and coconut milk. Like a tropical vacation in your mouth!

After Autumn was done napping, we went to dinner and she was one hungry little guppy! Between bites she was busy waving hello to everyone around us! Literally everyone! Once we were home, it was off to bed for her and our standard 'get ready for the week' stuff. Back to the grind! 
Happy Week Everyone!
Pizza and ice cream. Totally normal. 

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