21 Months

We are nearing the 2 year mark WAY TOO FAST! I love watching Autumn grow and become a tiny little human, but holy hell it is going by entirely too fast! Cue the tears. 

Now that I've wiped the tears from my keyboard and the mascara from my eyes, lets move on...
31.75" and 22.6lbs. 

18-24 month clothes. She officially outgrew her size 4 shoes overnight. I have yet to find a great shoe. The soles are either too rigid, ugly or...I'm just picky.

Like a champ! She has been going through a major growth spurt so naps have been long and she's ready for bed by 7:30pm and sleeps until 7am.
 I am going to start training her to be a Master Sommelier because our gal has one sophisticated palette. She likes wild caught salmon (that is too fishy for me), balsamic broccoli and spinach artichoke dip with gouda cheese. Seriously? Who is this child? Maybe I'm just not cooking fancy enough for her! :)

Or she likes really simple stuff like toast with butter, mac-n-cheese, 'yo-gert' and cereal.
Post chocolate croissant
Her mouth just keeps filling in. She's up to 4 molars now and 8 teeth with two vampire teeth (or whatever they're called) coming in...I think. She will bite you if you try to look.

Oh, this has been a challenge. She is feeling well but we've been dealing with some major digestive issues and as a result bad diaper rash. I took her to the doctor last Monday and they said she's got Toddlers Diarrhea. It's chronic diarrhea caused by a too fast moving large intestine that doesn't hold water and instead eliminates it. Since she's growing well, it's harmless and she'll grow out of it. To be sure it's nothing else, we have to add a lot more fat to her diet and keep a food and potty diary for a month.

Adding fat has made a huge improvement!  The tricky part is getting her to eat it but I've been managing to outsmart our picky little eater!

If things continue to improve, we won't have to do anything. If not, then we have to do lots of testing. We're confident it has to do with her diet since she's super picky and difficult to feed. We're just glad the doctor finally listened to us and made some real recommendations after dealing with this for far too long! Luckily it doesn't bother Autumn unless she gets the rash.

Autumn literally says everything we say. She is forming intelligible sentences, complex phrases and just blowing our minds. It's so awesome to be able to really have conversations with her and get a real response! She is quite the chatterbox too and is always saying something!
She also says her name now and it's the cutest! It sounds more like 'Adam' or 'a-umm' but we can't get enough of it! She's really starting to pickup everyone else's names too.

Our favorite phrases: I hold you, I huuuungee, Ticker, peez Mama? (sticker, please)

She's learning to count, her ABC's, colors and shapes! Autumn loves to make animal noises on cue. My favorite is bee...'bzzzzz' with hand movements and a coyote 'oww, oww, owwww'!

This totally goes under learning...she'll toot, spill something, etc. and then yells 'Jack!' Blaming the dog starts early :/ Poor Jack, Jack.

She is completely different around us or family, but in a new setting she is very quiet, shy and reserved. Usually she'll warm up after a little while. Except, when we met my friends at the farmers market and she would not leave my lap, didn't want to share her kitty and wanted nothing to do with my friends daughter. We'll blame it on not having a nap. Yeah...right. 
We're trying to put her in more situations where she'll open up a bit more. We're hoping to get her into swim lessons, a tumbling class and some other things. But, do you know how hard it is to find those classes at times convenient to working parents?! Near impossible! Seriously, every class is at like 10am on a Tuesday. Totally convenient.

#1. Being outside! #2. Elmo #3. My makeup, jewelry and chapstick. #4. Singing and dancing #Taking selfies, looking at pictures of herself and watching videos of herself, and...
stickers! yoga, kitties, her fish, teasing Jack, airplanes, trucks, motorcycles (who says those things are just for boys?!), our phones, and everything we have.
 Ants- she freaks out if she sees lint or something in the bath resembling an ant. Not being able to go outside. Kids. She's pretty easy going otherwise, haha ;)

It's been so much fun getting out and exploring lots of new things with Autumn. She really is at such a great age/stage in her life and we are enjoying every minute. This coming weekend we're off for her first lake trip and cannot wait to see if she loves it as much as we do!

We love you little bunny!


  1. She is seriously so adorable! I would love to see you all again soon! I have to say that it makes me feel pretty special because when I saw her last she and I couldn't get enough of each other!!! Sending healthy vibes your way!

    1. Thanks girl! She loved you! She doesn't usually warm up to people that quickly, she must know we go way back, haha! Yes- lets hang out asap!!!