Hey, Hey!

You know what never gets old? Shameless self promotion! So here we go again.

I teamed up with the amazing Brickyard Buffalo to sell my heart garlands. They are only available  until Thursday for 34% off! So run, don't walk, and go get yours! There are three options you can choose from:

1. You pick 3 colors of your choice from the available colors. You can add some decoration to your baby's room, office OR really be ahead of your game and think about the holiday's that are quickly approaching. A little orange and black, maybe some red and green or something fall inspired.

2. The ever popular grey, white and yellow combo. I have two of these hanging in Autumn's room and they look just adorable!

3. One of my fav color combos that just screams summer to me: neon coral, teal and white. It's so fresh and summery. It'd make the perfect addition to a patio!
And don't forget to check out the cool mixed media art I have in my shop! Now, back to...

Happy Wednesday 'Thursday'!

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