Oh Hey Friday

This post is brought to you by my excitement for this weekends lake trip. The lake goes with summer like coffee and donuts, koozies and beer, tanning oil sunscreen and sun, you get it. Here are a few things we'll be trying out this weekend..
s'mores. I LOVE s'mores. They say 'summer' to me more than anything. Stepping it up a notch you sandwich two chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers. #heartattack
Midnight Glow Stick Bowling. Say what?! It's easy: glow sticks in bottles, ball, beer and fun. 
Via Broken link :(
Make a sandcastle. This is probably hopeful thinking because anytime we build one in Autumn's sandbox she immediately knocks it down! It'll be fun to play in the sand nonetheless. Also accompanying our sand is a Costco size bottle of baby powder. It takes sand off the skin like magic! Magic, I tell a!
lake time=beer time. 'Nuff said. 
 Relaxing! Or as much as you can do with a toddler. Aside from boating, swimming and all the other lake shenanigans, I fully intend on kicking my feet back and relaxing. If I only get to one of these this weekend, it'll be this one. And maybe #4 ;)

Happy Friday!!

Today I'm linking up with Karli and Amy for a Friday 5. Head on over and checkout their blogs!
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  1. yes to all of these things! and i want a beer. it's 7:30 am. so...which lake? kaye and i will meet you guys there. :)

  2. Those cookie stores look AMAZING!

  3. I will take a beer in one hand and a chocolate chip cookie smore in the other :)